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Unless you're Simon Cowell,

Don't judge me.
nmf     nmq

If God came down
To earth RIGHT NOW and asked me if I wanted a different life,
I would go for it.

Me: I should really be getting to slee-

Witty: lol no.


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One Direction Quiz

1.What are the names of Louis' twin sisters?
A. Lisa and Louise
B. Anna and Sarah
    C. Rose and Jennifer
    D. Daisy and Phoebe

2. What song did they first sing together at the live X Factorshows?
A. "Your song"
    B. "Viva la Vida"
           C. "Kids in America"
                     D. "All You Need Is Love"

3. Who first tried out for X Factor in 2008 but didn't make it to the live show?
A. Liam
 B. Louis
C. Zayn
  D. Harry

4. Liam is afraid of:
   A. Knives
B. Cups
D. forks

5. What was the name of Harry's old band?
    A. Pink Cobra
    B. Snow Black
C. Blue Clue
          D. White Eskimo

6. How do you actually spell Zayn's name?
A. Zayn
B. Zane
C. Zain
  D. Zayne

7. Lois once jokingly said he liked girls who ate carrots then changed it to girls who like _______ and _____.
               A. Coleslaw and broccoli
                B. Spaghetti and hotdogs
                               C. Lamorghini and rolex watches
D. Dogs and cats

8. How far did One Direction go in the UK X factor?
A. They won!
                    B. They came in second
                C. They came in third
                               D. They didnt make it to the final round

9. Which member of the band is from Ireland?
A. Harry
B. Niall
C. Liam
D. Zayn

10. What song did Harry sing at his first X factor audition?
  A. "Isn't she lovely"
   B. "Let me love you"
C. "Cry me a river"
     D. "Hey ther Delilah"

Highlight for answers below:
1.B 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.D 6.C 7.C 8.C 9.B 10.A


even know you are gone i still feel you here...
everytime i think of you i miss you more and everyday how much is it to ask to have you here with me...

Anybody fell for it ? ^-^

                                   How I got grounded:
 So I hear you like a boy.
                                   Me: Ya so.
                                   Dad: I don't like it. Don't like boys, it ends with bad news.
                                   Me: Dad, you've chosen a girl, kissed her and went to the extreme of having 4                                              mother f*cking babies with her. I think liking a guy for me isn't too much to ask for.

                                   Dad: O.O

Sometimes, I just wish
people would keep their
opinions to theirselves.



                                          is what you are


                oh my god!! im so sorry!!
gotta love that last few days of school

of not caring at all :)

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