Quotes added on Saturday, June 2 2012

Even if you fall on your face your still moving foward.
anyone wanna flirt? anyone..??..

I'm trying to be myself
 in a world that is constantly trying to make me someone else .



           just   close   your   eyes       
    the sun
          is going down
    it'll be alright 
                         hurt yonow  


Save the best part
of yourself, 

for the one guy that
loves you most.


Playing Monopoly while losing brings out the worst in me....
anyone wanna flirt? anyone..??..
Ugh 11 year olds complaining about their "depression" and they haven't even been diagnosed.

If only he knew how much he means to me

It Takes A Couple Seconds To Say Hello , But It Takes Forever To Say Goodbyee .
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