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I prayed for earth peace. Then aliens invaded.

REMEMBER WHEN... the best comeback was " I know you are but what am I!??"

Love is like a song that never ends.. <3
 -Bambi :)l Iove you riley thomas.


fallen for someone so hard, a person you shouldn’t have fallen for? You felt like they were the right one, they flirted and led you on for weeks, months, maybe even years. You log on Facebook just to see if they were online because it’s the only person you want to talk to.When talking to them makes you feel like the happiest person ever, even though they are talking to a dozen others at the same time. And you know all you have to do is move on, but you can’t. They begin to hurt you, but you have come all this way you don’t want to let go. All you think about is that day when they realize you are the one, but deep inside you most likely know it will never happen. Gotten played so hard, fallen in love when you knew it was wrong from the start. You get jealous of everyone who talks to them. You hear something you don’t want to hear about them, and even though all the facts come together and seem to be so true, you still don’t want to believe it. Because that person is that important to you.

Ha it’s called being played, it happens, it sucks.
Can’t stop what makes you feel happy, even though it’s what is making you hurt.

I think witty should have a "Relatable" option when your posting your quote. Anyone else?

Maybe it's not about 
the happy ending. 
Maybe it's about
the story...)

I wish I was abird so I can fly over certain people and poop.
"You should have been there!"
well i guess a simple invitation would've helped..
I hate it when people say "come at me bro" i just wanna say " no u fuqing dnt want me to come at u caz ill kick ur a$$"
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