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I don't care what you say

you're beautiful.



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When boys,

Have those pretty eyes. <3

Listening to his plans

make me wish a guy would fight to get me.

That awkward moment when one of your friends starts talking crap about one of your other friends and you start to wonder what they say about you behind your back

I like talking to you: you dont just make me smile you make me laugh,get butterflies,have thoughts about you,and even at times wonder what you are doing.But talking to you is what i like the mos. You know what to say. I dont know what else to do but like you even more. Just the fact that we talk alot makes me smile. I find myself falling for you even more then the last day.

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"EARTH"  without "art" is just "eh"

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my fave part of DEGRASSI: eClare. <3
my least fave: nOnE. ;)
fave character: um... Eli. :*
least fave character: bob, the imagined. :)
what i miss the most: the eli smirk. >.<
what i hate the most: season breaks. ;(
why i love it: iNsPiRaTiOnAl. <3

Did anyone hear about the plane crash, with the family of 6 that all died? It happened in florida. The bramlage family.
I know them. Boston was one of my friends.  We sat next to each other in math class---- he was addicted to books. 
beau- he was going into 7th grade. -- he was the best soccer player ive ever seen. <3 he was so adorable. I miss him already.
Roxanne- She was 8. ... EIGHT-- the last thing we heard from her was at her dance recital... she said " Im going to be a gold medalist gymnast at the olympics when i grow up" . 
Honey, no matter where you are, you will always be my hero <3 

If you guys want to know more, go on google &search;

plane crash bramlage family junction city kansas. 

they found 5 people... they havent found Boston- there is a small chance that he is still alive. Please pray or hope <3 Please.

me: He did exactly what you said he would do.. he just stopped talking to me. for no reason.
him: There is a reason. He realized you were too good for him, that you wouldn't do whatever he asked of you. You actually have morals. I'm proud of you for not giving in like the majority of girls would do. 

Over-thinking ruins you.
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