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girls wear more make-up then clothes

You don't know him like I do. You'll never understand. That boy's my best friend. 


The sun goes down,
the stars come out.
And all that counts,
is here and now.
My universe will never be the same. 
I'm glad you came.
I'm glad you came.
-The Wanted-

This quote does not exist.

nobody: you're cute and I want to date you

if I could do it over,
        I would do things different.
I wouldn't be living with these god foresaken secrets. 

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Lol i still wanna be friends....you've gotta be out of your damn mind to say that after you took a hammer to my heart
Yeah. That's right. I met someone new today. First step in having a great summer=== meeting him <3
Lets be honest here, I could never murder someone, I can barely put the straw in my juice box.
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