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They said true love was just around the corner,
b u t   i t  f e e l s  l i k e  I ' m   w a l k i n g  i n   a   c i r c l e . 


My Twelve Commandments:
1. Be me
2. Never stop dreaming
3. Do what you love
4. Doit now
5. Cease to complain
6. Change begins with oneself
7. Laugh often and much
8. Take care of your relationships
9. Learn to say 'no' and mean it
10. Let go
11. Eat. Pray. Love.
12. Always believe in oneself

take me as i am or

watch me as i go


Maths Teacher: If you have 5 pieces of chocolate, and someone asks for 2, how many do you have left?
Me: 5. 


I dont know what to do. Im in a bad situation and i just need some advice. 
Please. Heres the story.
So this guy who ive known since 5th grade started really talking to me and my bestfriend on the same day but he was talking to her more than me so apparently they both started liking eachother and he asked her out today. She is so happy but he isnt. He started texting me a few hours after they started going out and he said it wasnt her he liked, it was me. And i kinda like him too but i dont think i can date him now cause he's dating my friend but he's gonna break up with her. And im also friends with his other ex... so idk. He keeps saying that he likes me and misses me and stuff and i was like ' your basically cheating on alex even though you dont like her ' and all he said was ' so ' so im scared he would do the same thing with me. I dont know what to do.


Men are like bank accounts, with out a lot of money they don't generate interest!!

 Went by really fast..


My math teacher pointed a ruler at me and said, “ At the end of this ruler is an idiot!” I got sent to the principals office when I asked what end he was talking about. J
not my quote, im giving credit to osme other random person... :P

Today is just one of those days where all i want to do is cry and listen to music ...
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