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Hi I'm the Jewish Jesus.

                             Life's not about the breaths you take,
                                       but the moments that take your breath away.
I always thought that we'd last
But not all wishes come true

Now, I want to hate you because it'll make it easier
But I can't
I put in more,
did lore than called upon,
more than deserved.
But in the end did I
wind up hurt?

And I do
want you know
I'll hold you up above everyone.

And I do
want you know I think you'd be good to me

And I'd be so good to you.

No one is perfect so stop trying to be

FuN FaCtS:
Eat chocolate, live longer! (According to Harvards recent studys)


Chapter 2

As I pulled open the door to the school, I was hit by a burst of air conditioned cold air. At any other time I would have found it sweet and refreshing, but on this specific day it only made me shiver. I stepped inside.

Gazing around at the interior of the school, it was just like I remembered. In this hallway, the main corridor, trophies from various sports and pictures of star athletes lined the walls; the walls themselves were bright with the colors yellow and blue, the school’s spirit colors. Somehow I found myself walking the route to class subconsciously, so well did I know the school. This time, though, I knew about this school. I knew what people from here were like. And you could bet that I wouldn’t fall for any of their crap again.

I slowed my walking so that I would not be early. The less time I had to sit alone at my desk, the better. Being not exactly outgoing and purposefully placing myself in a class where I knew no one had not been my wisest move. However, in the amazing prospect of learning to drive, I had not thought about that at all. So here I was, inching my way to the beginning of a long two week session of class.

Suddenly my thoughts changed direction. What had Jean meant by carpool? Surely I would have remembered if mother had told me about a carpool, right? I asked myself. I certainly couldn’t remember it. Then again, as I looked down at myself, I couldn’t even remember how I had come to be in these clothes this morning. I was in my oldest pair of jean shorts, which had over time grown tighter and shorter any of my other pairs, and my sister’s thin grey t-shirt (with the word “whatever” written on it in large bold letters) over a white lace tank top I had received from my friend Emmy for my last birthday. I could care less about my reputation this year.

Lost in thought, I hardly noticed that I had reached my classroom. I hardly noticed that I pulled the door open and was fully aware of where I was when I found myself standing in front of a nearly filled classroom. Most unfortunately, most eyes were on me.

Hey Wittians! Like I've said, this is my first story ever and I'm kinda nervous about It!! If you would like to read another chapter, please let me know with a fave or a comment?? Thanks so much guys! :)

All that I've been working towards the last year went down the drain. I'm in too deep now.
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