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I love everything

You hate about yourself.

Spending a half hour;  
just trying to take a new profile picture.
Believe In Yourself; Follow Your Heart && Never Give Up Hope

Okay so last night i was at my friend and everyone there was saying. EW louis voice sucks so bad and i felt so bad that i had to stand up and go in a corner and cry because i love louis and everyone there was just making fun of him. They all thought i was sleeping but no, i was crying. Louis voice is AMAZING!

Ps sorry i use this format a lot i just love it!<3

Why can't there be more to us?
Oh wait it's cause you have her...

“I am a nice shark,
not a mindless
eating machine.
If I am to change
this image, I must
first change myself.
Fish are friends,
not food.”

~Finding Nemo

credit to disney pixar

format by pixar

"You're a painter, a baker, you sleep with the windows open, never take sugar in your tea & always double knot your shoelaces." - Katniss

Comment your favorite hunger games quote! ♥

just remember  words have the  power to take or save  a life.

Call me crazy
But I don't think a relationship can be built in a couple days. You can't start dating someone you just met, and expect it to work out perfectly.
You have to build a foundation. 
The best relationships are where the two of you can be best friends.
But that friendship, it has to be built beforehand.

A relationship is a commitment to a person.
But how can you commit to someone you barely know?
Here's my advice.
Get to know the person, really know the person. A relationship isn't just for fun...that's how you get hurt.
Before you decide to commit, make sure you know this person. Hang out with them. Don't just text them. Make sure they're who they say they are.
And yeah, this takes time, but if it's meant to be, they'll wait til you're comfortable.

Why waste a relationship? Don't jump in.

When it rains, I don't mind being lonely, I cry right along with the sky.
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