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I Don't Care

If You Leave Me
Ditch Me
Offend Me
Don't Listen To Me
Insult Me
Forget Me
Hate Me
Break Me
I'll Be There When You

Need Me

That time when all love songs feel like they are meant for you <3

Pretending to really care about a teacher's personal life just to waste time in class.

This is so true "No cares unless you're pretty or dying" Thats what society has come too
You know who's beautiful? Say the first word again.
The first word again.
Yeah, say it.
every girl thinks that they want that one guy in school that has SWAG a ton of muscles and super hot body

but what we all learn eventually is that the guy with SWAG and all the muscles that you thought was perfect hes really not

dont go for that guy go for the guy with the crazy personality the one that will be a complete dork with you

thankfully i got to come to that realization much earlier than most people

Derrick i love you

This is my 500th qoute

and I want to make it a shoutout for my amazing friends.

Aubri: aubweeexx

Emily: TurtleRawr

Mikayla: mikaylasHACKIES

Bri: BriBee

Taylor: ModernMyth

Ella: simplicitlove

Zoey: iaminvisible

Mercedes: sadiesjames

Lakyn: lakynlovesyou

Jordan: xxjordanxx

Haleigh: haleighpayne

Danielle: mywittyprofile

Taylor-Lynn: taylalynn

If you need a witty best friend, these are good ones.

*A One Direction FanFiction*
If Happy Ever After Did Exist.
Scratch That. It Does Exist.
Part 7
(Written By Sydney)

I smile at the ground. "Harry your phone is ringing! You better answer it! ...Answer....Answer...." A recording of Louis goes off. Harry takes his phone out of his pocket and answers. "Hello?" he says into the phone. "Hey Harry, it's Lou, Lux wanted to talk to you!" Harry smiles. "Okay, put her on!" he laughs. "Hi Lux!" he talks in a soft voice. "Lux is our--" Louis explains but gets interupted by you. "Lux is your hair and make up artist. She's adorable!" I smile. Louis reaches down and holds my hand. Our fingers are interlocked, "So you girls are proper Directioners?" We both nod. "YES." I say trying not to shout.

 We all suffer from 

insanity still




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