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It sucks when he goes to bed early now cause he works and it sucks cause now we can't have our night conversations anymore
You hate me?
One second, my mind is trying to calculate how many f*cks I give.
Me coming in late-
Me:Who me?
Mom:No, the fridge is broke. I'm talkin to the peas.
anyone want to chat and be my witty bestfreind??
So, Ive been thinking this through, I have been blaming myself, convincing myself that i was soo stupid and dumb and that i brought this on to myself; but you know what? You DO NOT deserve my pity anymore, no more of my light will be shed on you because YOU were wrong, YOU played me, YOU gave me hope that there can actually be something between us, YOU did this not me so yeah um I'm gonna go do me, On To The Next One;*<33


*Watching TV*

*most intense part*



Sooo if Demi and Niall get together will there couple name be DENIALL?? :P

i dont want to die,
i just want the pain to end.
But the only way for it to end is to die.
I'm f ucked.

i am afraid of 12 out of 72 common fears
[] the dark
[x] staying single forever
[] being a parent
[] giving birth
[] being myself in front of others
[] open spaces
[x] closed spaces
[] heights
[] dogs
[] birds
[] fish
[x] spiders
[] flowers or other plants
[] being touched
[] fire
[] silk
[] the ocean
[x] failure
[] success
[] thunder/lightning
[] frogs/toads
[] my boyfriend's/girlfriend's dad
[] my boyfriend's/girlfriend's mom
[] rats
[] wind
[x] jumping from high places
[] snow
[] rain
[] crossing hanging bridges
[] deep water
[] heaven
[x] death
[] being robbed
[] falling
[] clowns
[] dolls
[x] large crowds of people
[] men
[] women
[x]having great responsibilities
[] doctors (including dentists)
[] tornadoes
[] hurricanes
[] incurable diseases
[x] sharks
[] Friday the 13th
[] ghosts
[] poverty
[] Halloween
[] school
[] trains
[] odd numbers
[] even numbers
[x] being alone
[]becoming blind
[] becoming deaf
[x] growing up
[x] creepy noises at night
[] bee stings
[] not accomplishing my dreams/goals
[] needles
[] blood
[] dinosaurs
[] the welcome mat
[] high speed
[] throwing up
[] falling in love
[ ] super secrets
If you repost this, at the top write," I'm afraid of _ out of the 72 common fears."

If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend counseling.
If you get more than 20, your paranoid.
If you get 10-20 your normal.
If you get 10 or less, your fearless.
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