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does anyone think this is a problem
a 14 year old going out with an 18 year old
please coment

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When I was little   
  I used to think that when I ate an airhead my head would actually turn into a balloon like in the commercials♥
//how I miss being little//

When I'm bored, and someone feels bad, I just say to them to make them laugh: "Don't worry, or, don't be sad! Your belly button is always there for you. Talk to it when needed..."

omg thankyou witty im on top quotes mage :D im on the first one...giuhcsoifunohxoriuhihz THANKYOU :DDDDDDD

If people are allowed to post about love, school, Justin Bieber, how crappy their day was, how stupid their parents are, etc., then us Directioners should be allowed to post about One Direction without getting loads of hate.
Re-post this and add your name to it if you agree with me.


I hate you. Ok, I don't actually hate you but that would make this so much easier. You can't just do this...it isn't fair! You can't magically pop into my life, this amazing one of a kind guy. Tell me I'm pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, that you want to have me move in with you when we graduate, tell me your biggest secret, I can go on and on forever. You can't tell me how you'll beat up my boyfriend if he hurts me one more time, or how that you'll drive here as fast as you can if I ever need you. You can't stay on the phone with me till Midnight, talking about how we like eachother, the world, music, and so many other things. You can't do that, and then tell me that we can't talk anymore. You can't tell me it has to be either him or you. You can't make me choose between dating you, or keeping my boyfriend and just being friends. You can't tell me how I live in a small "f***ed up little world" , that I can't get out of it unless I do something. You can't do all that and then disappear without even a decent good bye. You can't expect me to just...forget you like that.
I can't forget you
But you've probably already forgotten me


Every Wittian,
put a 'W' on your hand see how
many Wittians are out there.

Spread the word.


Did we enjoy ourselves
when we destroyed ourselves?
Whatever happens, we're fine


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        Sunny day,
       sweeping the clouds away.
       On my way
         to where the air is sweet. 



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