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You may not have realized this when you were a kid, but everything in the movie The Wizard of Oz actually stands for something. [Allegory]
The fact that the movie was at first in black and white then transferred to color represents the dull boring life of farmers  until she enters OZ, a "utopia"
The Wicked Witches of the East  and West represents the east and west coast factory workers of the farmers.
The Scarecrow who needs a brain represents the stereotype that farmers are dumb.
The tinman who needs a heart represents the emptiness of factory workers who only produce goods for money.
The Cowardly lion represents Politicians, and the fact that they say things they are too afraid to do.
The Wizard of Oz, or the man behind the curtains represents presidents. Big in title, but small in reality.
Munchkins: Freed slaves (dorothy house kills the witch)
flying monkeys: Native Americans 
Toto represents home 
& LASTLY.... Dorothy walking over  over the yellow brick  
road with her supposed to be silver shoes like as said in the book not red is telling the audience that the author [L . Frank Baum]  preferred money  to backed up by Silver, not gold. 
--Therees no place like Home 


 I  pay attention during history lessons (:

Dont you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that SHINE.

~Taylor Swift
I'm afraid of 19 out of 72 common fears.
() the dark
() staying single forever
() being a parent
() giving birth
(x) being myself in front of others
(x) open spaces
() closed spaces
(x) heights
() dogs
() birds
() fish
(x) spiders
() flowers/plants
() being touched
() fire
() silk
() the ocean
(x) failure
() success
() thunder/lightning
() frogs
() bf/gf's mom
() bf/gf's dad
(x) rats
() wind
(x) jumping from high places
() snow
() rain
(x) crossing hanging bridges
(x) deep water
() heaven
() death
(x) being robbed
() falling
(x) clowns
() dolls
() large crowds
() men
() women
() having great responsibilities
() doctors/dentists
() tornadoes
() hurricanes
(x) incurable diseases
(x) sharks
() Friday the 13th
() ghosts
() poverty
() Halloween
() school
(x) odd numbers
() even numbers
() being alone
(x) becoming blind
(x) becoming deaf
() growing up
(x) creepy noises at night
() bee stings
(x) not accomplishing goals
() needles
() blood
() dinosaurs
() the welcome mat
() high speed
(x) throwing up
() falling in love
() super secrets

Repost this, and at the top write "I am afraid of __ out of 72 common fears."
If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend counseling.
If you get more than 20, you're paranoid.
If you get more than 10, you're normal.
If you get less than 10, you're fearless.

It's like I'm finally

and you're

just a


freaking out inside everytime you see  69  anywhere, but you decide not to tell anybody cuz there gonna be like "really, you are so immature"

I think we should strike a match,
& we'll hold it to the wind to see how long it lasts. We can make the time stand still..

The future;
It's painted by the colours of the beauty that you surround yourself with


Him: How much do you love me?
Her: Well, look up at the stars and count them. That's how much i love you.
Him: But it's morning.
Her: Exactly.

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