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tall, blonde, blue eyes, sweet, athletic, strong.
jsbwksbakanhs. perfect guy right
there. mmmm (;

Put my phone in flight mode, worst transformer ever!

            The hardest part about
                   walking away 
             from you  is knowing
                   you won`t run
                      after me.

not mine.

iTunes Challenge


1. Open your library (iTunes, Media Player, iPod, etc) 2. Put it on shuffle 3. Press play 4. For every question, type the song that’s playing 5. When you go to a new question, press the next button 6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…

Waking Up: All My Friends Are Dead- Turbonegro

Good Day: All The Rage- BOTDF

Bad Day: Angel Bullet- Vocaloid

Long day: Beautiful Surgery- BOTDF

Lullaby aka music to fall asleep to: Bewitched- BOTDF

After a fight with your best friend: B*tches Get Stitches- BOTDF

After a fight with your parents: Blood On The Dance Floor- BOTDF

After a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend: Bring Me To Life- Evanescence

Falling in love: Call Me When Youre Sober- Evanescence

Breaking up: Candyland- BOTDF

Making out: Cat And Mouse- BOTDF

Making up: Circus Monster- Vocaloid

Sneaking out: City- Hollywood Undead

Being reckless: Closer- BOTDF

Road trip: Come On Get Higher- Matt Nathanson

Graduation day: Crush Crush Crush- Paramore

Remembering: Dark Dreams- BOTDF

Childhood memories: Dark Woods Circus- Vocaloid

Vacation: Death To Your Heart- BOTDF

Seeing an old love: Decode- Paramore

Angry mood: Designed To Kill- BOTDF

Depressed mood: Do You Wanna Be A Superstar- BOTDF

Happy mood: Dont Trust Me- 3OH!3

Quiet mood: Emergency- Paramore

Loving mood: Everybodys Fool- Evanescence

Song for growing up: Fallen Angels- Black Veil Brides

Summer love: Fallen Star- BOTDF

Just SUMMER: Fatal Farewell- Vocaloid

Winter romance: Find Your Way- BOTDF

Losing your best friend: Forbidden Happiness- Vocaloid

Losing your love: F*ck The Rest, We're The Best- BOTDF

Losing a family member: God Slaying Machine- Vocaloid

YOUR funeral song: Going Under- Evanescence

Your song you’re remembered by: Good Enough- Evanescence

Your family’s song for you: Goodbye- Jamestown Story

Song when you have kids: Happy Violentines Day- BOTDF

The song that reminds you of your kids: Hello- Evanescence

Your wedding: Hope- Vocaloid

Your KIDS graduation: I Cant Get Enough- BOTDF

The song that ties your life together: I Heart Hello Kitty- BOTDF

Your best friend’s song for you: I Hope You Choke- BOTDF

The song that reminds you of your childhood town: I Love Your Existance- Alex Goot

Your first love: Ignorance- Paramore

Your school days: Ima Monster- BOTDF

Your favorite summer song: Inject Me Sweetly- BOTDF

The song that reminds you of the one thing you wish you could get back: Innocent High- BOTDF

Your drinking song: Insanity- Vocaloid

Your party song: Its Happening- BOTDF

Oh there's an empty place in my bones that calls out for something unknown.
The fame and praise come year after year.
It does nothing for these empty tears.
- Jack Skellington <3


So hey guys,im going to start wrighting again.But what to wright I have no clue.So give me some ideas please and this time I'll stick too it and figure out where it will go before I wright it.!












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-See's quote that says "PLEASE READ"-
*...Keeps scrolling*

Holy Jesus ! Samuel Larsen (Joe Hart on Glee) tweeted me . < 3

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