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&I just find myself wishing you were here.
Wishing we could go to the beach together, or swimming somewhere.
Wishing we could ride rollercoasters together, & watch sh*t TV shows.
Wishing we could just hang out together, even just sit next to each other. 
Wishing that you could just be with me.

If you have 35+... you're spoiled.

[ ] own car
[X] cell phone
[ ] own phone line
[x ] bf/gf
[ ] own bathroom
[ x]own room
[] 2 or more story house
[X ] pool
[ ]guest house
[] game room
[] tv in your room
[x] Double (queen) Bed
[x] more than 20 pairs of shoes
[X] 10+ things from a designer store
[] good grades
[ ] Dior sunglasses
[X ] louis vuitton purse
[x] iPod
[] PS2
[x ] mp3 player

9 Total.

[] Mercedes Benz
[ ]BMW
[x] basketball hoop
[x] air hockey table
[] pool table
[x] ping pong table
[ ] trampoline
[ ] live ON a lake or pond
[ ] own a pair of skiis
[x ] own a snowboard
[ ] has a boat
[ ] has a jet ski
[] has a beach house/ cabin

13 Total

[ ] only child
[] stereo system in bedroom
[] DVD player in bedroom
[x] 100+ dvd's
[ ]gets $50+ for allowance each month
[x] goes shopping every month...or every week
[ ] shops at abercrombie
[ ] goes snowboarding/ skiing every weekend
[x] makeup
[x] cologne/perfume
[x] AIM
[] MSN
[X] 5+ trophies
[x]own digital camera
[ ]walk-in closet

20 Total.

[] electric scooter
[ ] dirt bike
[ ] 4X4 truck
[x] guitar/drums
[ ] hammock
[x] been on a cruise
[] traveled out of the country
[x] weight set/ workout set in house
[] personal fit trainer
[x] expensive jewerly
[] met a celeb
[x] straightener/ curling iron
[] gets hair done/nails/spas
[] on/was on a Varsity team for the school
[ ] own batting cage
[x] 100+ in wallet/ purse right now
[x] own savings account
[x]1+ BEST friends
[x] been to the carribean
[ ] been to europe.
[ ] been to hawaii
[X ] been to NY

30 Total.

[ ] shopped in seattle
[ ] eaten at the space needle in seattle
[ ] been on the eiffel tower in paris
[x] been on the statue of liberty in NY
[] been on the honor roll for 2+ years
[ ] went on a trip for sweet sixteen birthday
[] lives on a private property
[] license
[x] moved 3+ times
[ ]sports car
[ ] hot tub
[x] pet(s)
[ x] ranch
[] verizon
[ ] cingular
[ ]Sprint
[] virgin mobile / other
[x] At&t
[x] been to 5+ states in the US.

36 Total.

[ ] 100+ buddies on messenger
[] alarm clock
[] home-cooked meal almost everyday
[x] eat-out almost everyday
[x] been in a limo
[] own camcorder
[x] own laptop
[] own desktop

38 Total.

38 Overall Total

You spoiled?
[x] yes
[] no

*heaphones in, listening to music*

person: hey what're you listening to
me: instructions on how to kill you.



one direction








muah ♥
Dear Haters of One Direction,

Yeah us Directioners see your hate quotes. But is that going to stop us from liking them? Yeah you say all they do is 'act' like they love their fans. Hate to break it to you but they LOVE us. All of the hate needs to go away. Do you think that your opinion about them won't affect us? WRONG. You are hating on our boys. And when you hate on them, well we want to prove you wrong. Lets just see how many people care about whats being said about them. Repost this as your quote and sign your name at the bottom. Please, I don't want to be the only one on here who cares. i had to stick up for my boys:P



















Because i love your everything.

a one direction fanfic

  Chapter 1-
"I'm hungry!" Niall whined as we all walked through the door of their hotel room. "Niall mate, that's old news." Said Liam. Louis laughed, as did Zayn. "I'll order a pizza, your hunger will have to wait a few more minutes niall." Harry said, everyone laughed. Harry took out his phone to order a pizza, while me, Gianna, and Natalie sat on a couch with Zayn, Lou, Nialler, and Liam to chat for a bit. "So, how are you lovely ladies?" Lou asked us. "Wonderful, at the moment." Gianna 
answered for all of us. "That's great." Zayn replied. "Pizza's gonna be here in 20." Harry said, walking over and looking down at the couch. "Wow, there's nowhere to sit.." He mumbled. "Maybe if you wanted to sit on my lap.." He started to say, looking at me and smirking. "Of course." I said, trying not to giggle, getting up and letting him sit down. He pat his leg, so i sat down on his lap. This had to be the best moment of my life so far, hands down. "HE'S MINE!" Lou yelled from
the other end of the couch. I laughed so hard, i thought i was going to die. "No booobear, no one can replace you..!" He said, emphasizing the o on boobear. I giggled a bit more, and Haz smiled at me. "God, when the hell is the pizza gonna get here? I'm starvin'!" complained Niall. "Shutup." Yelled Louis. Natalie laughed along with Niall, and i caught them looking into eachother's eyes for a slight moment. I smiled at them, hoping noone saw. How could this be happening
to us right now? We have to be the luckiest girls in the entire world.. The doorbell interrupted my thoughts. "PIIIIZZZAAAA!" Niall yelled. i laughed along with Natalie. "Niall calm down mate." Liam told him, smiling a little. Niall ran to answer the door, paying the pizza man and slamming the door, walking back to us. He sat down, opened the box and started shoving pizza in his mouth. "Care for some pizza, ladies?" Liam asked us. "Sure." We all agreed. I took a piece, and started
to take off the pepperoni. "What, you don't like pepperoni?!" Harry nearly yelled. "I'm a vegetarian, Harry." I said, laughing a little bit. "Oh, I'll eat that." Niall said, carefully taking the pepperoni out of my hand. "How could you deal with that? There's probably barely anything you can eat" Harry said. "I've gotten used to it.." I exclaimed. We finished eating the pizza, and Lou, Liam, Niall, and Natalie went in Lou's room to play xbox while Zayn, Gianna, Harry and I stayed in 
the main room, watching the tellie and eating popcorn. 
feedback please?:)


but, both is always nice.
Trying not to care
      Is pretty difficult when
           you care so much </3

im sick of everyone talking about one direction, love or hate . you guys are ruining witty. thats all. thanks for reading . bubye .

it's a good thing i don't have more guts

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