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I'm not okay, I promise


Please go to this link, It would mean alot to me..

XX :) XX 

Why do I have to mess everything up with the people who I care about the most..? :/

Casue we lost it all
Nothing last forever
Im sorry, I cant be


Perfect-Simple Plan

Let me know if it's gonna be you.
Boy you got some things to prove.
Will you wipe my tears away?
Will you hold me close and stay?
I hate people who wear make up
cant you see your  the prettiestwithout it
just be yourself





Look me in the eyes and see if im okay

You see me show up at school everyday

Actually hear the words in my music

Before its too late, i might loose it

Cant you see that inside im dying

The smile on my face is fake from crying

Im done. Whatever I do is never good enough

The road ahead looks pretty rough

Why don’t you see that what I try upsets everybody

I just wanted to be a somebody

No matter what I do, where I go, I cause some trouble along the road

Go to the gates of happiness alone, you don’t need me to figure out the code

 -a poem i wrote a little while ago, put it up cus i thought it was good and someone could relate to my past pain-
a poe 

That awkward moment when  you're upset thinking you really disappointed someone because they're not answering your texts and you actually start crying because you feel so bad...Only to find out their phone isn't working....

A girl once died. If you dont repost this, she will show up in your room at 2:12. Really. 
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