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Memory lane is the only place I run into you anymore.

Chapter 16


   If you had seen the look on the entire school's face. It was priceless.
   Obviously, everyone had expected Wilson to hook up with some bimbo, instead of a loner like myself.

   I could feel my cheeks heat with embarassment. Wilson must have seen, and he gave my hand a squeeze. I looked up at him and he gave a reassuring smile. 
   He dropped my hand when we approached our lockers. We both shuffled through them silent, and very awkward.
   I could feel eyes boring into us. I didn't like people staring.
   Wilson finished before me and watched as I carefully prepared myself for school. He was to zoned into what I was doing, he didn't even notice everyone staring.
   I looked up at him. Giving him a nervous glance.
   "What?" He asked, as if nothing was wrong.
   Really? He didn't notice. Then I spoke "Everyone is staring."
   "Why wouldn't they?" He spoke sweetly "Your beautiful."
   I blushed, feeling butterflies swarming throughout my belly. Why did he have to be so darn sweet?
   "I have to go." He muttered, planting a soft kiss on the top of my head.
   I gave a half harted smile as he passed through a crowd of people gawking at him kissing me.
   My gaze shot to the floor when I saw all who stared.
   I made  my way through the crowd to home room. Suddenly I crashed into someone. All of my supplies falling to the floor.
   Immiediatly, I dropped to the floor to pick up my things.
   I kept muttering "I'm sorry." as the bell rang.
   Then I looked up to see who it was. It was duisguisting, nassal voiced, Nevel. His eyes were filled with dissapointment, and yet, a smile crept upon his face.
   "What do you think your doing?" His teeth were clenched.
   What do I say? "I'm think I'm picking up my stuff." Sarcasim sprinkled in my tone.
   "Very funny." He stomped down on my hand.
   I let out a yelp, but no one could help, everyone was in class.
   He crouched down to my level. Grasped my chin so I would face him, rather than my crippled hand I now craddled. He spoke through gritted teeth "Your in big trouble now. And don't think your getting to see him again without doing me some...Favors."
    I cringed at the word favors. I knew exactly what he ment when he said that.
    He hadn't let go of my chin "Got it!" His nasal voice spoke.
    I nodded, pain filling my chest. Tears welding my eyes. A cry yearning to break through my stiffled breathing.
    "Good girl." He spoke as if I were a dog.
    Then he back handed me as hard as he could. Sending me flailing a good six feet away.
    A scream escaped my chest as I watched him walk away.
    Because I gave in, they were turning violent.


Just Close your eyes
And Enjoy the roller coaster
That is life xx
-Zayn Malik

My Life Story
Chapter #4 (me becomeing numb) part 2

This one is about how my life started to get scary and how i changed very quickly from a shy little girl who stayed in the dark to a numb, risk taking 11 year old who started to fight and get hurt more easily. (Part 2)
I Walked inside and saw no one home. I smiled and ran to the kitchen, i got a glass of water and saw a note on the bench, it read: peta be back in 5 minutes, dad xo.
I sighed wanted him to go on a hoilday. I drink my water then my dad came home i waited for him to come inside, when he walked in he looked at me, i put my glass down and said "hi" and he said nothing. "What did i do now" i asked with him giving me a look. "Did u go in my room this morning" he asked meanly, "no" i replied (it was the truth, i didnt), "because i found my some of my stuff on the bed and my cubered open", "Im telling u i didnt go in there" i growled and started to walk to my room. He grabbed my arm were fresh scares were, i screamed as he held my arm tighter and tighter and it hurt. I didnt cry though i just couldnt cry anymore, "let go of me" i growled, "u r lieing to me" he said and twisted my arm and i screamed in my throat. I hit him to make him let go but he didnt move, "im not lieing now let go of me" i yelled and he let go, he slapped my face softly but it still hurt but i didnt move an inch. "Go in ur room before i start to hit u" he growled and i pinched him hard and ran into my room before he could hurt me. He swore at me and then i heard my mum yell at him. I sat in my room looking at my knife and wanting to cutt my arm but i couldnt run into the shower because i had one this morning. I hid my knife and got my scirrors out, i sat in front of my mirror and started to cut my really long dark hair. I cut it an inch above my shoulder, i stood there looking at myself, I brushed my hair and then walked out of my room and my mum looked at me, "peta" she said and i shrugged, "it got annoying" i said and walked into the toilet.

The rest of my year wasnt getting better, i started to have more fights with one girl over and over again. And at the end of the year i didnt go to the last school day, and my hair was half way down my back then.
And i couldnt feel anything anymore. Everytime i cutt i cant feel anything. Its just blood now.

Next chapter soon

2nd part to chapter 4
I'm only doing chapters till im in grade 7 because im in grade 7 right now
Format by twilightgirl995 :)

day 01- your best friend
day 02- your crush
day03- Your parents
day 04- your sibling
day 05- your dreams
day 06- a stranger
day 07-Your ex boyfriend
day 08- Your favorite internet friend
day 09- someone you wish you could meet
day 10- someone you wish you could talk to more
day 11- To a deceased person you wish you could talk to
day 12- the person you hate the most/ caused you alot of pain
day 13- someone you wish could forgive you
day 14- someone you drifted away from
day 15- the person you miss the most
day 16- someone thats not in the same state
day 17- someone from your childhood.
day 18- someone you wish you could be
day 19- someone that pesters your mind good or bad
day 20- the one who broke your heart the hardest
day 21- someone you judged by your first impression
day 22- someone you want too give a second chance too
day 23- the last person you kissed
day 24- The person that gave you your favirote memory
day 25- the person you know is going through the worst of times.
day 26- the last person you made a pinky promise to
day 27- the friendliest person you knew for only one day.
day 28- someone who changed your life
day 29- someone you want to tell everything too, but your afraid to
30- your reflection in the mirror

day 1 
dear bestfriend. (jenn),
well we were in a fight for like 2 weeks and i havnt seen you in 2 weeks im so used to seeing you every damn day but we jst made up tonight so were friends again and i can see you tomoorrow yay. we do the crazyest stuff together legit we have so many goodtimes together playing hide and seek in stop&shop, mainee, the boat, sleepovers, our walks and so many moree thank yo for being there for me all the time i love youu!


The cloudy ash-gray rose begins to shed
Its thin petals shrivel as they drift down
Among many wilting in the rose bed-
Waiting for the end where peace shall be found
 Subsurface roots expand to greatest lengths
Lost hope and searching for sources they lack
The sun slashes on its leaves needing strength
A feeling like blades running up its back
With a snap, the stem makes a sudden fall
To its stem, the bud is no longer pinned
The ground is spread with fragments above all
Which blow away with the journeying wind
Liberating soldiers form a new light,
Helping a new bud grow with hope in sight

I had to write a poem for class and it turns out, I really like poerty:)
The poem is a Sonnet
I'm looking for acceptence on the


Don't Forget Her
Chapter Four

Emma's POV
I sat on the bench, not knowing WHAT to do, or where to go. I could always go home, but then I'd have all of the stress from everything thats at home that had belonged to Harry. I got up and decided to just go home, because my family would be worried. I arrived at the door. "Hello, Emma!" I just replied my burying in my mothers chest crying. She shut the door and held me. "What's wrong sweetie?" She asked, I told her everything. I had to. She pet my head. "Aw baby..." She didn't know how to handle the situation, just like me. My father walked down the stairs, with boxes. "W-What's going on?" I asked, feeling like I swallowed a brick, and it was sinking to the bottom of my stomach. "Honey... Your father and I... We're... We're getting a divorce," A huge lump was stuck in my throat. No... This couldn't be happening... I began to ball my eyes out, and run to my room. I walked in, buried my face into my pillow, and screamed on the top of my lungs. The words I had said to Harry two months ago replayed in my head. 'Goodbye forever..." It couldn't be gone forever. I remember telling Harry about when my father and my mother were fighting, and my father slapping me. I was crying, and my cheek was still red because I had just came from my house. I felt my cheek, it was a habit, there was nothing there, but when it had happened, it hurt so much. I grabbed my phone and slowly dialed Harry's number, when I got to the last digit, I wasn't sure if I wanted to call him, but I pressed the little green button. "Hello?" A familiar voice answered. "Hello?" I said. "E-Emma?" He whispered. "Hi Harry.." I replied. "I missed you." He choked out. I could tell he was crying. "I miss you too..." I said. I soon let it out. "There getting a divorce." I blurted out. "What? Who?" He asked. "My parents." "Emma... I'm so sorry," I didn't reply. What could I say anyways? "Simon said hello." He managed a laugh, to break the silence. I laughed, "How's the X-Factor?" I asked "Okay.." He said, "It would be better if you were here to cheer me on." He whispered. "I might not be there, but I am cheering you on." I smiled. I could tell he was smiling on the other end. "Have you been watching?" He asked. "Not really.... No" I laughed. He laughed too. "I got kicked off... I'm um.. Packing now." He said, I could tell he was crying. "Oh Harry!" I said. I jumped into my car, with my money. I had told my mother where I was going and she said it was fine, but to tell Harry she said hello. I arrived at the airport and took out my money. I paid, got my ticket, and boarded the plane. 
It took no time at all to arrive. I ran in, with my pass that Harry sent me over the mail to get in, and ran into his room. I knocked on the door. "Hello?" He said while opening the door. I jumped into his arms crying. He started crying too. "I'm so sorry Harry, I love you." 

"Hi. We're One Direction."
Someone's calling you.
Awnser your phone...unless you don't like them.
then you can just pretend that you didn't hear me.

which I would never do to anyone because that would be mean.

Unless they smell.
-Harry Styles


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