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I won't give up on you
T H E S E S C A R S W O N ' T T E A R U S U P A R T [x] [x] [x]


So Don't Give Up On Me

If Facebook was a school I swear I'd have perfect attendance


Sometimes, I just wish I was noticed more.

"I love you"

the three deadliest words when used together because you have to be really sure you mean it to say it because if you don't you'll regret it and someone can and will get hurt

     Writing out 
 the full curse word in a facebook
status cause' you know, [[


By taking no risks in life, you are taking the biggest risk. If you risk nothing at all, you risk everything.

I don't like how people on witty

say, "Sorry just needed to vent."I

thought that was what witty was


Pretty Little Liars

life has to get really ugly before it can get

p r e t t y.


When someone insults you and says "just kidding" but you know they really meant it...

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