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"Panic begins to set in.
I can't stay here. Flight is

essentiall." ... "
But I can't

let my fear show.

~Katniss Everdeen

i know  there  are  lots  of   these  HG  quotes  around  Witty,  but idc. (;

People always make fun if me because I'm 'prude'. But while you're all getting STDs and having different boyfriends every week, I'm gonna be sitting here waiting for a good guy, who actually does love me, and not just trying to get into my pants.

one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is trying too hard.

This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.


If you steal my heart,

I'm going to need it back
when you're finished.

(i know youre gonna give it back soon after youre finally aware you have it)

SAturday june 30 2012

Today i went to the mall and got a shirt from aeropostal and got a cute shirt but it it to small and i went to rue 21 and got these cute craprease that i love, i need to lose weight so i can fit in them better.  then we came home and i tried to put those cucumbers on my eyes to make the dark circles disapeer but it really made me blind for a long time. haleema went to the store with mama and baba and samer were sitting out side doing what men do. then michael ad tammy came over and to put their food in our frigde because there was no room in theirs and then haleema came home and brought chicken, salad, and mashed potatos. then we were sitting in the living room talking when we see mama and tammy talking. we all run then we feel bad so we get out of our hiding spots and help take the tables to them. then i stayed at marys house, we tried catching lighting bugs but then we went to her room and started to talk. and then mama and baba came over to lobnas house to give her the graduation gift since she graduated. and then me suzy tammy and mary watched the dicatator and half of 21 jump street then i wnt home and took a shower and drank smoothies. 

*i texted my cousin and said, 

*5 seconds later she runs in with her 2 brothers and yells,

I know how it feels to cry yourself to sleep
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