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You live to die anyways, 

 so embrace your mistakes.

Live for today, because you could die tomorrow.

Take a moment to smell the roses.

 don't just breathe. 



I'd rather die being myself,
die being what society thinks I need to be.

I miss those days...
where the most pain you felt was a scraped knee,
the only thing that broke was your pencil,
where happiness was simply playing a game with your friends,
where you weren't afraid to wear what you wanted,
the only thing you worried about was what you were having for dinner,
when love was what you felt when you were in mum's arms,
and in other words,

...before society changed.


SUPRIZE (not really)

after the horrbile an hour listening to my bravery and what i did i  got up and called hannah my best friend  i bawled she came over and slaped me  aaaaaggghh that hurt " good'' i m a mess "i know you need some alone time with your dad " i dont know if i can " o nope you can " we hear a knock on my door  hold on im not decent gogogog my family did not want her here right now so she left where she came ... the window agh come in . my dad walks in "hey i want to say thank you for saveing me " your my dad i love you i had to even iif it wasnt you " i know " there was an akward slince i took hannahs advice could we ... go out to eat "  think we could tommorow night"  ok 




my dad and i had a great time .thats all i could think about and the fact that i had a new boyfriend louis.

to learn how louis and bella meet comment on my profille hope you like it

format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

I said it's hot outside,
                                                  >> LET ME GO SWIMMING IN YOUR EYES..

That Pedophile Moment

when you see a little kid and think, "Dang. That kid is gonna  be so attractive when they are older!"
I can't be the only one
I cry everytime I watch Marley&Me.
Not because, "OMG THE DOGGY DIED!THAT'S SO SAD!WAAAAAAAAH!IT WAS SO CUTE!" Because my dog,Dexter.He's exactly like Marley.And...I'm afraid that he's going to die soon.He's like my best friend.He's the best dog ever.It just breaks me.Everytime I look at Marley,I think of Dexter,they act the same&they look the same.Dexter&I are like brother&sister. I love you Dexter. x3
When something bad happens,
you have three choices.
You can either let it define you,
destroy you, or you can
let it strengthen you.

You Belong With Me
I'd Walk A Thousand Miles
just to see you. We'll
Swing Life Away
after our
First Date.
You can tell me
Forever And Always
and I'll list the reasons why
I Love You.
You can
Look Me In The Eyes
and it'll never be our
Last Kiss.

Admit it,

                        at some point in your life, you stuck a ball up your shirt and pretended you were pregnat 


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