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30 day challenge
day 1 - 15 facts about you.
day 2- the initials of the person you love.
day 3- your closest friends to you.
day 4- the thing you most fear.

day 5- the saddest moment in your life.
day 6- favorite sport(s).
day 7- favorite song.
day 8- your deepest secret.
day 9- first impression on the guy you like now.
day 10- last time you cried.
day 11- thing closest to your heart.
day 12- when you hear this song you cry.
day 13- place wanna visit really badly.
day 14- favorite book.
day 15- favorite animal.
day 16- favorite show.
day 17- last time someone hurt you.
day 18- the story behind your life.
day 19- person who scares you the most.
day 20- last major injury.
day 21- favorite youtube video.
day 22- phone type.
day 23- biggest confession.
day 24- last break up.
day 25- last heart break.
day 26- the day you regret the most.
day 27- first friend.
day 28- favorite drink.
day 29- a letter to someone in your family.
ay 30- a letter to a friend. 
1. Ive been inlove♥
2. Im a gymnast.
3. I love cheese, lmfao.
4. Im in highschool; sophomore(:
6. Country music is my favoriteee.
7.im single now..
8. danced for 3 years
9. Was a runnner(:
10. lost a lot of friends, yet gained  many<3
11. My bestfriend (guyy) is Shea<33333(:
12. I can be a bit*hh.
13. I like to have a good time(: YOLO(;
14. Nightowl(:

This quote does not exist.
people these days just dont know how to act
Spencer: Ezra's your boyfriend, not a baby squirrel- and everytime you baby squirrel him you taking away his nuts.
-Pretty Little Liars
You're not with me right now
                                        Yet my heart still beats the same at the thought of you..♥

How do
you get
over your
first love?

•Wake up
•Go on Witty
•Eat Breakfast
•Go on Witty
•Brush Teeth
•Go on Witty
•Get Dressed
•Go on Witty
•Go to Camp
•Go on Witty
•Come back from camp
•Go on Witty
• Eat Dinner
•Go on Witty.
•Go on Instagram
•Go on Witty.
•Go to bed
•Go on Witty
•Pretend fall asleep
•Go on Witty
Sweet by light
Naughty by night
Angel from above
Just 4 u 2 l0ve!!

me: *unlocks phone, 1 mssed call, rings caller back*
chick: hello welcome to ... child services how can i help you?
me: hi, i had a missed call form you?
chick: um.. we havent called oyu today sorry you must have a wrong number *hangs up*
me: *rings back*
chick: hello welcome to ... child services how can i help you?
me: *indian accent* hello would you likea tv?
chick: is this some kind of prank call?
me: no, no prank, i have frre tv here for you! i drop off at your house very soon
chick: *hangs up*
me: *calls back*
pedo man: hello welcome to ... child services, how can i help you?
me *hangs up*
10 mins later
me: *calls back*
chick: hello welcome to ... child services how can i help you?
me:  *american accent* well hi theere could i pease have a happy meals?
chick: sorry could you repeat that?
me: yeah sure can i please have a happy meal?
chick: ummm..??
me: can i just please a godd dammn happy meal! for god sakes!!!
chick: sorry.. um..
me: *starts fake crying* pleeease can i have a happpy meal?! :( pleeeeeease!
chick *hangs up*
me: *rings back*
chick: hello welcome to ... child services how can i help you?
me: *lil asian kid accent* hello, can you please help me, i really need your help, please dont hang up!
chick: whats wrong?
me: i cant find my mummy!!!
chick: ok, whats your name?
me: umm.. i dont know my name..
chick: what is your name?
me: ondongo!
chick: um. ok, how do you spell that?
me: O N D O N G O!
chick: ok, ondongo how old are you and where are you?
friend: *hangs up*
me: awh y did you hang up i was gonna say i was 54 and at garden city!
friend: *falls over from laughter*
next day
me: *rings back*
autoanswer chick: sorry, the phone you have called is dissconnected, goodbye.
friend: omfg!!!
me: cheyeeeeeeeeeeeeah budday!!!
^^true story!!!

If you listen closely you can hear her heart breaking. Not straight down the middle.. But all over. In a million peices. If you listen closely... You can hear her weeps at night. If you actually payed attention to her... She can't wait to leave, because she can't deal with heart break.

"cause when a heartbreaks, no it don't break even."
*Breakeven - the skrip*

nothing_to_everyone. do not steal.Format by twilightgirl995

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