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Hakuna Matata 
i remember the first day i met him. he kept staring at me. and i would always stare back. then he walked up to me. and he said hi. i said hey. and he started a conversation. and we just couldnt stop looking at each other. and thats when i knew it. we were in love with each other.

Math was fun... 

until they designated letters for non existant things;

it all went downhill from there.


Confession #3
   I LOVE country music.

             It's you and me
          and all of the people
                    and I don't know why 
              I can't take my eyes off of you <3
'Cause I got your picture
 I'm commin' with you 
Dear Maria, Count me in
There's a story at the bottom of this bottle
And I'm the pen 

All Time Low- Dear Maria, Count Me In

I feel like ice cream mans are like stalkers. Yesterday I was walking and the icecream man didn't stop for the kids, that were waiting he was following me. But I went behind the school with a friend, and he didn't see me. Thank god i'm still here.

 Everything about you
Your pain suffering and flaws
Everything you're ashamed of
It makes you who you are
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night...

don't be so stupid and fall in love when you're young 

 alboybreak youheart

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