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I hate when  im singing and someone  corrects me 
its like

 "B/tch what if i was free styling?"

format credit to OneDirection

-hannah :D


Lipstick Lullbies.
This is sorry for the last time.

*Texting My Boyfriend yesterday*
Me: Soo I was outside and these birds tried to kill me...true story.
My Boyfriend: Whatever jk
Me: It's true. They tried to kill me. These robins..my aunt was walking the dog and the dog jumped on one of them and 2 other birds were following me and my aunt trying to peck our eyes out. I'm not even kidding.
My Boyfriend: Hahahahahahahahahahaha
Me: No joke!
My Boyfriend: Loser jk jk
Me: They were making scary noises all I could think of was "When birds attack...."
Me: I was very close to screaming "I LOVE YOU PHILLIP!" I thought I was dead.
My Boyfriend: Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Me: That's not funny I almost died.
My Boyfriend: Oh ok.
Me: It's alright. I'm laughing about it. Hahahahahaha
My Boyfriend: Ok lol!
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A person once said that wishes would always come true.

If mine did I'd be the happiest b*tch in the universe♥

But I always have small hope inside of me that prays that one shooting star will bring me luck one day...


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The only math we need is:
You + Me = Forever.
do you know what happens to a handsom guy like me in jail?!?! it rhymes withe grape!!!!

---------Not Accepted--------
My aplology for errors in the story that confuse you.

I am so sorry.....for all the confusingness in my story guys.
I am always writing when I am half asleep, and can't fix my spelling errors, or even remember what happened half the time because I write some of the story and sometimes it takes hours or days to write more to it. D:
-Lexus and David were supposed to go for another walk after he brought her back to the tent, and after they confessed liking eachother in chapter Eight.
-In Chapter Ten, when it says '   I studied his face, He had a few freckles, but other than that, it was smooth perfection.'Woah, what are you thinking Lexus!' I thought. It was almost as if I liked him..Maybe I did. No, I did. I definitely for sure liked David.   ' I knew they already confessed their likings, I just completely blocked it out.

I hope I don't confuse everyone too bad:/

i want you so badly.
i would honestly do anything to be with you.

i just wish you knew.



'Brick wall waterfall, girl you think you know it all. You don't. I do, so POOF with the attitude'

Anyone else remember this?
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