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are people, too.

 the cutee moment when my baby sister is calling my baby - boyfriend - and he not lisstening so she sayy
- jwose hello ??

Witty For Mobile

It's funny how alone I am right now...

And no one even cares...

What am I worth anymore?

nmf/my quote

James Here; 
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in maths class

me: *doing something other than work*
teacher: what are you doing?
me: i dont get it sir!
teacher: well you should put your hand up!
me: OK! *puts hand up*
teacher: hello there..
me: hi sir, how are you today?
teacher: good thanks, now whats your problem?
haaha ^ true story! :D


brotips #800
once you start it, don't stop
until you've finished it.


your beauty's deeper than the makeup
Cole, (TheWeirdGuyNamedCole25)

This isnt for faves or anything for attention. He is basically my older brother. I tell him everything. I know when something is wrong with you. This is so I can feel better. Cole, Emma is talking to me. Shes crying so much. Honestly, so am I. I dont know why all of this happens to you. You just got out of the hospital the other day. You didnt reply to me right away. I knew something was a wrong buy please Cole get healthy again. My prayers go to you and your family. I dont know how you're still going strong after what all you have told me. I love you. Your Hermana, Ashley
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