Quotes added on Thursday, July 19 2012

But you slip out of my fingertips
Every time you run


I just want to Be one of those Girls.


I'm falling for the trap,
Just a piece in this game,
And when all is done and over,
I'll be gone with the rain. 
Water wash my soul,
Collect the fragments of my heart,
I'm falling for another,
Who'll tear it all apart.
Cause I will never learn,
To simply stay away,
Because hope keeps telling me,
I'll meet the one some day.
I don't know if that's true,
Or a very cruel joke,
But what if he's the one,
Cause hey you never know.
I hear him say I love you,
And now I can't ignore,
The face we'll never be the friends,
The friends we were before.
Is this just in my head,
Or am I following my heart,
Will he stay with me forever,
Or tear it all apart.

Bullies are people who do others wrong, because someone else did them wrong.

I hate you.
Not you, her. Yea you, miss plastic.
I starve myself, trying to look like you.
I have no reason to live.
You know what? I have quotes up on a different account. I got 1 fav on my life story. 1 fave. I have 1 fave put all together on that account. Go die in a hole.
I hate Nutella...
Shoot me!

Never Look Back.

If Cinderella went back to get her shoe,she'd never

become a princess.♥

I think Steves mad at me because I don't like the new witty beta.

I just want this week to be done with, i miss you.</3

He told me he loved me.
It's funny cause,
I actually be(lie)ved him. 

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