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Everyone says there are no good guys out there.
Maybe you're just not searching in the right places.
i cant talk to my boyfriend, my best friend hates me, everyone on witty thinks i killed someone, and im all alone. its like when i need somebody to cry on the phone to the most is when i have no one.
"This is getting really hot,"
I whisper as I take the overused laptop off of my lap.


Boy if you were a McDonald's burger you would be a
Mc Gorgeous <3

Your time is running out...
You're never gonna get it back...
Make the most of every moment...
Stop saving the best for last...

                                                                                                - Skillet
"ew, these blueberry mini wheats are stale!"
-eats them anyways-
true story

forcing laughter, faking smiles. Same old tired, lonely place

Challenge Time:)

-Post quotes
-Fave quotes you like/agree with
-Avoid hate like the plague
-Silently laugh at arguments but don't join in
-Be there for the people that need help
-Post more quotes

Warning: May be extremely difficult, proceed with caution.

Let me tell you a story.

This story is about a girl, around 14 years old. She got bullied a lot, and was constantley made fun of because of her weight and clothing. See, her parents had both lost their jobs, so they had no money to pay for the nicest clothes, so she just wore what she could afford. Because of all the bullying, she became very depressed. One night, she picked up a razor and cut her wrists. Not deep, but it was still a cut. From then on, every night, she cut. It became an addiction, when one night, she was tired of everything. She just wanted to fade away, never to be heard of again. She went to the bathroom, unlocked her IPod, and turned on a song that had a very deep meaning and then she grabbed the razor blade. She took one last look at the time. 11:46pm. The razor went to her wrist, but one part came in the song that went like, 

"Flashes left in my mind, going back to the time"
She stopped the razor, and turned up the volume on her IPod, repeating that line, over and over again. The song finished, and she just sat there in silence. She put the razor back, and went back to her room to find a bandage for the one cut. As she was bandaging her wrist, she realized that the song was right. She didn't want her parents to walk into the bathroom that night to find their daughter, dead on the floor. That line in the song made her realize that later in life, this will all this will just be a memory 

That girl, was me. 

Now, I know you've probably guessed that the song I'm referring to is Moments by OneDirection.

That song, Zayn's solo... it saved my life. I know it sounds cliche, but if I haden't listened to that song, I wouldn't be here today.

Now, I hope all you witty girls/guys realize how much their music means to some people. To have you tell people to go die because of their music choice is pitiful. UTTERLY, F/CKING disgraceful. If it haden't been for those 5 boys, I don't know where I would've been right now. PLEASE stop being so judgemental and try to understand what those 5 boys' music means to people, to me. 

Even though I know Zayn would never read this, I would like to personally thank him for saving my life. If you try to tell me that they have no talent, or that their music is horrible, I won't argue with you. Because even if I tried to tell you why their songs mean so much to me, you wouldn't understand.

Happy people listen to the music. Sad people listen to the lyrics. 


My parents think I’m the only one who spends all day on the internet.
Little does she know, all of you exist.
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