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I Love volleyball, but there are so many reasons not to play this year.
-The time and money we don't have.
-I have to find a job to pay for my car restore.
-My bodies not letting me do the things it used to.
When I think about not playing, I feel terrible, but theres so much steering me the other way.


I would swim all the oceans for you 

But I would probably drown
the ocean is huge

If I drown I am blaming you
I hope you can live with that guilt on your shoulders.


Dear teachers,
do you really think we're going to spend our summer reading?
sincerely, every student ♥

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Shawn: Look around. You're the fish out of the water here.
Juliet: Because they're all pretending to be dead, Shawn.
Shawn: Or perhaps it is us, who pretend to be alive.

i wonder how different things will be,
in a few years time...

walls run into you.

This quote does not exist.
guys omg we're gonna chill in 2 days!!!

what should i wear????!

what will impress him?
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