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R.I.P to the people
Who die every second
And are never acknowledged
because they are not famous.

not my format-not my format
not my format.

Words Will Be Just Words

Chapter 5 Part 2

I was on a team with Harry, Niall. Skylar was on a team with Liam, Zayn and Louis. My team needed less people because Niall and I were the King and Queen of volleyball, but this game was different. Apparently, Skylar had a secret talent of volleyball, so it was a tough game. I noticed Niall and Louis kept giving each other weird looks, I thought of it as Louis just being funny as usual. All of a sudden, Louis scooped up Skylar, and about a second later I was scooped up also. Niall had me in his arms running towards the water. I started to panic because I knew that this water was freezing. Skylar began to panic also because she knew it too. I just began to realize that Louis and Niall planned to do this. The looks! That’s what explains the looks! I began to feel the sudden shock of cold water. Niall ran into the water with me and held me in his arms. Louis did the same with Skylar and kissed her.

“Look at them, I said to Niall. Aren’t they cute?” 

Niall looked at me and pushed back my hair and kissed me. “I’m sorry,” he said, embarrassed and looking away.

“No, Niall-” I started. What I wanted to say was just something I couldn’t put into words. I wrapped my arms around him and put my chin on his chest, looking up at him. He looked down at me and kissed me again.

“Sharla, I can’t resist wanting you, I really, really like you. Sometimes I think that it’s something more than liking you. I want you to be mine.” Niall said.

I accept my kissing him. He hugged me tight and smiled at me.

“I’m glad you feel the same way I do, Niall.” I said

We walked back on to the beach, Niall grabbed me a towel and wrapped it around me. 

“We enjoyed the show!” Liam said to Niall, Louis, Skylar and I.

“Very funny Liam,” I replied. 

We spent the rest of the day laying at the beach and enjoying the sun in each other arms. I was happier than I ever was before with Niall, and I could tell Skylar was too.


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When I told you i never wanted to see your face again,
I really meant that if i ever did see your face again, i would change my mind.


Confession One ;*


All my friends go out & party every weekend. 
But I personally hate partying. 
I'd rather be home listening to music. 
Hoe Tip #64

Never go for a guy who's in a relationship. Show a little class ladies, when you play in someone else's sandbox you get crabs

i wish i could just know what it felt like to have his arms snake around my waist and hold me tight to make me feel safe....

And when someone's worth it
you just have to put yourself out there.




brotips #885
what kind of phone you
have isn't nearly as
important as the numbers
inside of it.


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