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Getcha, Getcha, Getcha head in the game,
My perents are 6 years apart
niall horan and i are 6 years apart
coincidence?...i think not

Me and my sister fighting:
Sister: *yelling at me*
Me: Well guess what!? 
Sister: What!?
Me: I'm tired of you!
Sister: Then go to sleep!
Dad: She wins
Me: -_-

True story



You never loose by loving, you loose by holding back.
There are 14 year olds like, Alli Simpson, Madison Pettus, and Bella Thorne, all absolutely gorgeous. And then there are 14 year olds like, well, me.
Wondering Everyday if I'm walking pass my true love. But I'll never know if I keep worrying about it!!

is someone who would never ever judge you no matter what you do!

Do you want me to accept you as you are, or do you want me to

lie to myself and try to like you?

Y o u r   c h o  i c e .

what I wouldn't give for a relationship like Eleanor&Louis <3

And even though I just want her back, some how ive fallen for him. Im soooo pathetic. and he knows it.
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