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The worst feeling in the World?
An original poem by: Ashlyn

When your surrounded by people
 But you feel so alone
When all you want 
Is for someone to ask you,"What's wrong?"
When everything seems missing
And you're too tired to care
When you're texting people 'haha's and 'lol's
When you're really crying in the corner
And nothing seems fair
When you feel abandoned
No one putting effort into talking to you
Like no one's really there
When you feel like you're the friend
Who everyone secretly hates
When you feel forever alone
'Cause you can't even get a date
When you don't feel loved
You're sad someone is gone
Something's ended that was happy 
Something you've never dreamed of
When you're breaking down inside
And you just tell people, "I'm tired."
When people try to help
But just add fuel to the fire
When you have something to say
But other people don't listen, walk away
And when you get beat up mentally, emotionally
Not by a hit or by a punch

But let me tell you now
That the worst feeling of all
Is when this happens all at once



You know something's wrong when...
My smile doesn't reach my eyes, and I sit there staring at nothing for the longest time. I'll look up and continously blink, as though there's something in my eye. I'll sit while hugging my knees & curl myself into a tiny ball. 
I won't even attempt conversation, or even to be near anyone. I'll rest my head on your shoulder, shake my head, and heave a heavy sigh, but when you ask what's wrong, the only thing I'll say is, 
"Oh, I'm just tired."

That moment when
your crush accepts you request on Facebook.♥
All your hate 
goes to my
that is non existient....

Sometimes I guess you have to take a break from trying.
Then when you finally gain the strength,
You must start trying again.
guess what!? If you add up all the favs on every quote i've made! I still dont have top quote...
Hey you; Take a good look at yourself. 
Don't look at your flaws, look at yourself.
You're beautiful, inside & out. 
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. ♥
Chapter 1

Jane wasn't sure if she should go to the police or not. She was scared and didn't know what to do. Where are they? She wondered. What's going to happen? If anything happens to them I couldn't live with myself. What would dad do? I decided to call my best friend. *ring, ring, ring* "Hey Ames I don't know what to do! I don't know where Kara and Toby are! Some guy has Kara's phone an- "
"Woah Jane! Slow down, slow down! I can't understand you, explain slower!"
"Kara and Toby are missing, come to my house right now!" And she hung up. She paced the floor while she waited for Amy to come. 
*Knock, knock* Jane ran to the door and hugged Amy. She managed to say"They're gone."


Toby was taken from the dark basement and Kara was left there bounded on the floor, blood dripping from her right foot. Her boot was missing, it must've fallen off while the kidnappers dragged her and Toby. The two guys from upstairs had taken Toby. "Where was he going?"  He better be okay, if he gets hurt what will I-" She stopped because she heard a huge crash not to far a way from her followed by a whimper. "TOBY!"
"I-I'm alright" he whined. He was thrown into some boxes and glass.
"What did they do to you up there?"
"If I tell you they'll kill us." They saw the door open.
 "Dave, go get the girl!" he chuckled.
"Don't scream and do not give in." Toby whispered.
"Let's go." the man said. He dragged her upstairs. Toby heard talking, footsteps, and coughing.
What are they doing to her? How much longer will they be up there? Toby wondered.


Jane and Amy had been talking for hours. Jane finally decided that she should call Kara's phone, that it was worth it if she lost a finger. She had to find out where they were. *ring,ring,ring* "I told you not to call again."
"Ahh! Let go! No!" Kara screamed in the background.
"Where are they?" Jane said firmly.
"Oh, you'll see." And the phone line went dead.


Toby saw the door opened and a man came down with two unconscious bodies. He couldn't see if the were boys or girls, but he was soon to find out. Then he heard a huge crash. "Kara, is that you?" Toby asked.
"Y-yeah." she cried.    
"It's okay. There are more people here though."
"I know, I think it may be Jane." she whimpered.

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This is my story, do not take it!

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Olympic Person: I haven't eaten dessert in two years.


Getting the Guy

ღChapter 1ღ

""Paisley, honey, it's time to get up. We need to leave!" my mom yelled from across the hallway. I opened up my eyes and dragged myself out of bed towards my bathroom. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I looked at my reflection. MAJOR bed head. Better get to work on that. I walked towards my closet and picked out a white spagetti strapped tank top with over lapping ruffles and a pair of pink jean shorts. Nothing too complicated. I applied some light pink eye shadow to go with my brown eyes, and some mascara. After laying down a thin coat of clear lip gloss to my lips, I loosly curled my long, blonde hair. I don't believe in heavy makeup, because I like my natural look, but hey, do whatever makes you confident. "Paisley, you need to pack." my dad reminded me. "Ok, I'll get on that now. What time are we leaving?" I asked. "Noon time, so you have a little bit more than an hour." I threw some outfits into a Juicy Couture bag along with the essentials ; a toothbrush, deodorant, a shaving razor, etc. It doesn't take me long to get ready for vacations. I looked at the clock; 11:55. "GET IN THE CARRRRRRRR!" my mom yelled to me, while she was running around, doing some last minute packing. Suddenly, I felt my phone vibrate. It was my 'boyfriend', Brennen. I don't like to consider him as my boyfriend, because he's everything but that. 'Meet me at my place in 2 minutes, and look nice. My parents are home.' Ugh, kill me now. He does this to me all the time, and all he wants to do is "play games" with me, as he says it. He's a complete jerk to me 24/7. 'We're already on the road. Sorry,' I lied. If he found out I lied he'd strangle me, literally. He's abusive sometimes when he gets mad, but claims 'he was kidding around' when I get upset. Oh well; atleast I get the excuse to not see him for 1 &1/2 weeks. 'Whatever.' he responded within a minute. I could tell he was mad, but he can get over it. I slipped into grey flipflops and we packed into the car; me, my mom &dad -- and we were on the road, for real this time. Goodbye Massachusetts.

outfit&bag;  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=54334717

Ok ; ok -- i know it seems like its all the same as the other love stories
but it WILL have a different plot
&it WILL get better, i promise. 
(oh+sorry for a short chapter)
the first couple of chapters might be boringish, but i need to get the story started right?(:
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