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One Direction Update
8/3/12 12:00 AM EDT
Today was a pretty nice day for the boys.  This morning they were in the studio. Niall's mother and stepfather joined them. Then they went out and met some fans. 

This afternoon, Liam and Niall went to Westfield and did a performance in the mall. It was free but was being filmed, probably for the documentary that they are working on!

This evening, Harry was spending some time with friends who flew into London. Liam was hanging out with his friend Andy again.  Niall went home to his apartment in London and is spending time with his mother. Louis and Zayn were not seen.

Rumors: Harry is taking a trip to Italy. Status: FALSE People have been saying that Harry is going to Italy at some point this weekend but he has friends over now so I honestly doubt it.

Harry is dating Kate Upton. Status: FALSE She said that she liked Harry but that means nothing. And she has a boyfriend.

Louis got a new tattoo. Status: FALSE. There is a photoshopped picture of Louis with a tattoo on his right arm. It's not real. He doesn't even like tattoos on himself.



Fave if,
you know who Steve Kardynal is.


Don'say it doesn't matter, 
because it's gonna matter to me.


i wanna be in the olympics just so i can get all the cool clothes they all wear;)
This quote does not exist.

Lazy People Problem:
Picking up things off the floor with your feet cause you're to lazy to bend down & pick it up.


Here's to the kidwho 
rub their legs together after shaving.


Isnt it funny how you go out, let two other guys feel you up, then ontop of that makeout with at least 8 guys, tounge in all. And to top it off, you slept with 2 other completly different guys within the same night. The catche: ive had to ask about every single incident. You didnt tell me. i wasnt worth the truth to you. and yet, in the end of the relashionship, Im the bad guy.
I Cant Find ANYTHING On My Body That I Don't Like. Here, lets start from the top shall we?

Hair: To thin
Forehead: To large
Eyebrows: Almost Unibrow, Not trimmed to the max
Eyes:Too original
Nose: Too big.
Mouth: Too thin.
Teeth: Too small
Chin: Plain weird.
Ears: Imperfect.

Chest: Too Flat
Stomach:Not flat.
Thighs: Too big
Legs:Not even. bruised and knobby
Feet: Too big
Toes: Too Chubby

Arms: Too flabby
Hands: Too big
Fingers: Fat
Butt: All fat
Skin:Pimply and freckled.

See? Nothing I cant find that isn't too imperfect in my eyes.

Just a vent...

Reasons why I don't talk to guys first.
I'm WAY too awkward.
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