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Always forgive your enimies, nothing annoys them so much.❞ 

-Oscar Wilde

i made a wish
and you came true

My mother looked at my witty passing by tonight on top quotes, and she said this
"That site isn't very nice." And I just sit there and think this site saves me every night from doing the imaginable so don't say anything

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Missing someone isn't about
how long it has ben since
you've seen them or the 
amount of time since you've
talked. It's about that
very moment when you're
doing somthing and wishinng
they were right there
with you.

I wish that my witty friends understood how much they
mean to me.
I guess they just don't get how if any of them killed theirselves
I would too.


Cause I'm barely breathing,
& I can't find air, I don't know who I'm kidding,        i m a g i n i n g  y o u  c a r e .    
Just looking for a

Thousands of people on witty.. and I'm satisfied with 2 faves..


This is a game to see what your qualities are!
Spell your name
A - You are a good person
B - You create a buzz when you walk in the room
C - You can be bitter at times but all round youre very sweet
D - Everyone thinks you have a bright future
E - You have an effect on people you meet
F - You care about those close to you
G - You are the crown jewel in someones life
H - You like to laugh
I - You sparkle like a star
J - You are very bright
K - Lots of people absolutely adore you
L - People like you once they get to know you
M - You have mixed feelings about most things
N-  You have the ability to kick the poop out of someone
O - You make peoples days constantly
P - Your prince charming is right under your nose
Q - You can be a hyppocrite but you make alot of good points
R - People underestimate you
S - You will do anything for someone
T - People watch you all day long
U - Your smile is your friends sunshine
V - Your best talent is yet to be dug out
W - Youre special in every way
X - Someone like you is hard to find
Z - You underestimate yourself
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