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Confession #10
I love tatoo's and I have over 24 planned for my 18th birthday.
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Mom, "No, I'm not
going to buy her a swim suit at the end of summer when she already has one." 

Dad,"But honey...


Super White Girl Problems #998
Going to the movies
with someone you like,
and ending up not
watching the movie.


You  say that you take it all back
Given a one chance it was a
moment of weakness
in you </3

Format by twilightgirl995

Your Words,
Don't mean a thing
I'm not listenin'..
Keep talkin'..(;

~Little Mix<3
Chapter 33
Room 1D

The next day they all work up at the same time. It was like they were insync. It was a rainy monday morning, a horrinle way to start a new week. "Screw it, I'm eating cereal!" said Niall. They all agreed. Niall got out nine ceral bowls and poured captin crunch in each of them then added milk and then a spoon. They ate up. Since it was rainy. They decided it's a lazy day. Rose, Kylah, Irene and Bri deiced to wear vspink sweats and a hoodie. They didn't put any effort into their outfits because of the fact it was rainy and it wouldn't clear up. They all sat down. Rose was the one who was fairly sick. She woke up with a head cold and a stuffy nose. She laid down on Lou's lap and watched the news from there. Kylah was sitting in zayns lap and Zayn's arms were wrapped around her. Irene and Niall were in the kitchen making a recipe that they made when they first met. Bri and Harryh couldn't stop smiling at each other. "BREAKING NEWS! Horrile thunderstorms are about to take place in California. Stay far away from windows and doors. Stay indoors at all time and listen for further instructions!" said a guy on channel 3 news. "Woah, a really bad thunerstorm we hadn't had on of those since last summer 7 years ago!" said Irene who heard the news from the kitchen. Rose didn't reply she was sound asleep in Louis lap. They deiced to watch Nightmare on Elm Street movies since it was thundering and lughting perfect time for a scary movie. 45 minutes into the movie Bri got up and ran into the bathroom. Rose got up too and ran to the bathroom because she didn't feel so good. "Well, I guess we have 2 sick girls in our house" said Harry. Louis nodded his head. Louis and Harry got up opened the door and saw Rose and Bri both pucking. Irene and Kylah ran in to help the guys because they really didn't know a thing about helping. All of a sudden....................................

to be countined

a/n well i know it's boring. I needed a boring chapter. hope chapter 34 is better enjoy(: xoxoxox
even if i said i love another girl doesnt mean tht i dont think or love u 

i love you 
Imagine going to Starbucks, after you order ask them to write "Harry Styles" on your cup. So when they call out Harry Styles, you'll see all these girls looking around or fangirling and you go up to them saying: "Oh, he's in the car at the moment, but I'll take it since I'm his girlfriend" Then walk away like a boss.
I woke up this morning,
smiled at the rising sun.

-bob marley, three little birds

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