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and you told f/cking everyone except for me


I hate when people compare teenagers lives to the life of a kid in Africa. 

Just  because  some one  else   has  it  worse,  doesn't mean  our  problems  don't  matter.

TV: Whats better than a Cover Girl?

Me: The internet..

TV: 2 Cover Girls!
Me: I disagree.

I'm troublesome, I've fallen,
I'm angry at my father.
I'm still wondering
wtf was going through Louis Tomlinson's
mind when he was picking out his
audition outfit...

I mean;
long trousers
a dress shirt
a sweater
gay hair swoop that was so out in 2010...

person:omg so I heard this rumor about you-

me:you heard? oh good I'm glad your hearing abilities are intact.


If your dreams dont scare you, 
Then they aren't big enough.



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Ooh! A notification!!

wait, it's just from me following myself XD

I want to be the only hand you ever need to hold.


    life (n)
  a sexually
  transmitted disease
  which always ends
  in death.
  there is currently no
  known cure.

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