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Me: So whats up? 

Him: Talking to the most beautiful girl, ever.

Me: Who is she?!!

Him: Wow you're a dork haha <3




Nomany People  
like me which i understand; i dont like myself  e i t h e r

I would trade all of the fake people in my life, for just one person who is real.


So I am really annoyed right now. I’m sick and tired of hearing about girls saying guys only get Witty famous because they are guys. Not all guys are Witty famous, first of all. I’ve come across plenty of guys on this website with only a few followers. I’ve come across tons of Witty famous girls who have top quotes all the time. But you know what, their quotes are good. I’ve heard of some people recently lying about being a guy on here because they wanted to do an experiment to see if a guy gets more faves than a girl does. Well girls, let me ask you this, if a guy told you how pretty you were, and a girl told you how pretty you were, you would be more flattered by the guy. That’s just how it is. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Another thing is, that if you saw a red rose in the middle of a dandelion bouquet, your attention will go to that rose because it is rare.

Honestly, who is it that you make quotes for? The reason I make quotes is I make them for me. I hope that other girls on Witty will be able to relate and maybe my quote will be able to help them through something. Maybe I’m just letting something off my chest for me. I don’t make quotes for faves. I have quotes on my profile that have 3 faves, do I care? No. Popularity is not what Witty is about. Sure, it’s great to get a Top Quote, if you haven’t gotten one yet, I’m sure you will.

The people who deserve to be “Top Quoters” are the people who are genuine, who make quotes about how they feel, who talk to other girls and care about them, who give advice, who spend time on their quotes. Those are the people who deserve to be on Top. Not girls who lie about being guys, not guys who get on top just because they’re guys. I am honestly so sick of all of this. Faves should not matter. That’s not Witty’s main purpose.

Sorry this was so long, I just needed to get it off my chest.

Thank you if you read it.



appologize for what you feel..
its like saying sorry for being real.

more than this
chapter twelve ♪♫♥♫♪
"Who is it?" I asked, staring at the screen. A face was staring back at us.
Jamie clicked frantically. "You think I know?" she said in frustration. I panicked. What if they turned us in? What if we went to jail? Was this illegal? I breathed heavily.
Harry put a hand on my shoulder. "It's okay. I'm sure they'll just move on." His mouth dropped as a familiar finger came into view on the screen. "Or not."
Niall scrunched up his nose. "Can you disable the camera?"
Louis clicked a button. "I can!" he exclaimed. He went through all the other camera screens, clicking and cheering. I grinned when it finally came to the end.
"We did it! Woot woot, we did it!" Jamie and I cried simultaneously. We did a little dance.
"Actually, I did it," Louis said, putting his hand up.
I grinned and wrapped my arms around him. "Thank you!" I sung happily.
He smiled down at me. "Welcome." He looked around. "Where's Liam?"
"Right here, Lou," Liam said, walking back into the room.
A random thought came to mind. "Whose flat are we in?"
"Liam's," the boys said. "He refused to let us use ours to let you stay the night. He felt so bad; he needed to do it himself," Niall explained.
I turned to Liam. "Really? They're not lying?" I grinned.
He smiled and said, "I promise."

I grabbed the hairbrush and pulled it through my hair. I winced every time I cut through a knot.
"Need some help?" someone asked. I turned to see Zayn standing in the doorway.
"No, actually I-"
Zayn took the brush and started combing my hair. He picked up Jamie's flat-iron from the counter.
"Zayn, my hair is straight enough."
He snapped it. "Trust me. I'm the master." He started straightening chunks of hair, curling a few, and finally took a piece from the left and straightened to the right. "Look," he said, gesturing to the mirror. I followed his gaze and gasped. My hair was...
"I love it!" I said. "The bangs, the waves...it's amazing!" I felt my hair. "You're good."
"Never doubt the master," he said, twirling the flat iron.

-Lalala. So, um, on Monday, I start freaking school. I won't update as much. I'll try to do everyday! I promise! But it might not work. Anyway, thanks for reading. Please tell me if you read the story whenever it comes.
Teaser: I pondered the question. Was it true?

becca:yes im ahead of tori.

me:in what 

becca:in life

gus (my cat) : meows to sound like he is saying no to her.


my cat's like to argue

He's in your past because he's not supposed to be your future....

You know damn well you just highlighted this to see what it said:) Smary cookie<3

Boy: imma go to sleep.
Boy: i love you
Girl: i love you too bye
*hangs up*
...Girl sends text to boy saying "i dont want you to go"
Girl's phone rings
Girl: hello?
Boy: i decided you were more important than sleep :)


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