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Mom: *texts me a picture of One Direction and Harry is grabbing Louis' crotch* See, I told you they were gay!
Me: Lol I never said they weren't.


Sorry, I just don't like you that way.
Matter of fact, I just don't like you
-Robin from Teen Titans
This quote does not exist.

dad: *dancing and singing lady gaga in the car as loud as he can*

me: dad dont do that!

dad: *looks at me* YOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!















We all have that embarrassing e-mail address that we made when 12.

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I did it. I deleted his number.

In a way I feel different, proud. In an another way, stupid- Did we ever text anyway? No. Does he know? No. Is he hurt? No. Does it help me get past him in any way?

I don't know. I think? Yeah, I think it does.

Trying to find that one song

that perfectly describes

what's going on in your head...

and failing miserably. 

when you
can hear the person passing by  

sniff you.

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                                      if you're reading this right now;

                                      you're probably luckier than 80% of the world population

                                      that lives on less then $10 per day & the 925 million living in 

                                      world hunger, luckier than the 1.1 billion who don't have access


                                      to clean water, luckier than the 270 million that don't have any 

                                      basic heath services, luckier than 50% of the entire world living on 

                                      under $2.50 a day, luckier than a billion children who live in

                                      total poverty, luckier then the 22,000 children who die each day

                                      from being poor


you're pretty lucky, huh?

i made this quote myself from research i've done, hopefully it made you thankful:')                                      

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