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The awkward moment when e

Someone you haven't seen in a long time suddenly becomes hot.

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original thebrokensmile - does not apply to everyone.
Me:Whew, glad I'm over him
Me: Hey, that guy is cute
Me:*Starts talking to him*
Me:*Starts talking talking to him*
Me:This doesn't feel the same...
Me:*Tries again with a different guy*
Me:Why is this so hard?!
Me: *Becomes friends with ex that took me forever to get over*
Me: Hahaha, I'm glad we're friends again
Him: Me too
*His girlfriend treats him horribly*
Me: Why doesnt he just break up with her
Me: I like him again...


we’re not ugly   
w e ’ r e   s o   d a m n   s e x y 
                     that guys are intimidated.

You're only as tall
As your heart will let you be
And you're only as small
As the world will make you seem

Watching 90's nick all night with a can of nutellaaa.
Anyone care to joinn? :D
When your home alone & you hear a noise your just like yupp I'm gonna die.
Witty sisters,
I really need somebody to vent to, please comment here.. I just really need some advice right now.. I don't know what to do.. 
I wish you would talk to me, I wish you would open up. I'm trying to help you, but clearly you want them more. It hurts to see you cry, but I can't do anything if you don't let me
I don't like being normal
Normal is boring
I rather be strange
Because strange is unique
Be unique, be you
Sjedim sam u sobi, ti nisi kraj mene. A tako jako mi fališ, suze su mi krenule. Slike naše gledam, kako ljepo bilo je. Ne mogu noću da zaspim, stalno mislim an tebe.....
Mr.Black 2010<3 best song ever
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