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Little Boy: Mom why is her name Rosie?
Mom: Beacause her mom likes roses.
Little Boy: Mom, what do you like?
Mom: Stop asking questions Dicky.

                      GGGG           GGGG       O O O O O O O        DDDD      DDDD
                       GGGG         GGGG        O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                        GGGG       GGGG         O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                         GGGG     GGGG          O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                          GGGG   GGGG           O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                           GGGG GGGG            O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                              GGGG              O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                              GGGG              O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                              GGGG              O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                              GGGG              O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                              GGGG              O           O        DDDD      DDDD
                              GGGG              O           O        DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
                              GGGG              O O O O O O O        DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Telling a girl on her period to cool her jets while she is trying to post a quote is not going to end well.
Peeved off

Mom: can i see your twitter ?
Me: WHATS TWITTER?! *throws laptop out window, runs to airport, moves to mexico, changes name to Pepitao*

Niall Horan,

Was the only performer at the Olympics who wasn't British.

So proud (':

You know it's cloudy outside when you look outside and there are a lot of clouds.

Peoplwilalwayhave their
opinions of you despite who you are and what you are capable of.

i have everyone i need for my story :)
This quote does not exist.
♦She read the entire
but not one word can describe
how she feels♦

.-~~~~~~~~~-._                       _.-~~~~~~~~~-.
            __.'       LOVE                      ~.    .~          HOPE                  `.__            
          .'//      DELIGHTED                \./             EXCITED                 \\`.        
        .'//            HAPPY                        |          BUTTERFLIES                 \\`.      
      .'// .-~"""""""~~~~-.______       |       _______,-~~~~"""""""~-. \\`.    
    .'//.-"                                            `-.   |   .-'                                               "-.\\`.  
  .'//______.============-..     \ | /       ..-============.______\\`.
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