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Am i the only one that when somebody says "10 years ago'' i think about the 90's instead of 2002?

If you wont to stop people from dieing tell them to wear a helmet when they are on a motorcycle! click like to help me fight to make it a law!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
If you really knew me
You would know that when
I'm upset I'm jumping off the wall happy
I held too much in I burst out cryin
I'm ferious/stressing I yank on my hair/ pull it back

These are things that slip you EVERYDAY!!!
so today i was going through some trouble. and a strong beautiful soul told me

you need to be strong and stand by who you are, always and forever. you are your own biggest fan

and your own worst  enemy. so remember, if the enemy in you is tearing yourself down, the fan in

you needs to  build yourself up twice as strong. don't listen to what people say, and i know it's a lot

easier said than done, but really, the only opinion that matters is your own, and if you're okay with

who you are, then gosh darnit, they  should too.

thanks girl<3
This quote does not exist.

I doubt you really think that!


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anybody now where that's from?! :)


You become immune to the burning feeling in your throat, you just learn to ignore it.


"When life gives you lemons, call them ‘yellow oranges’ and sell them for double the price."
-Grunkle Stan

Gravity Falls

Tell that trifiling chick she can have you,
I ain't looking at you nomore, I'm looking past you.

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