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You're so afraid of taking chances.
How you gonna reach the top?


Super White Girl Problems #1108
Typing words onto
google when you don't
know how to spell
them correctly.



Thanks For Nothing

Chapter 7

I just kind of stared at him for awhile as he played with the straw in his drink.
He finally looked up and we sort of had... a moment.
I smiled at him and he smiled back and we just stayed that way for awhile.
"We should get going," I whispered eventually.
He nodded, and as we stood up he grabbed me hand.
We smiled at each other and started our walk home.
We walked through the door, our hands still entwined.
"Oh, look whose ba-" Jaime started to say before he stopped
and stared at our hands.
"What happened in the past hour and a half that you're already holding hands?"
I shrugged and snatched my hand from Tony's.
"Well, I should get home," I announced.
"I thought you were gonna hang out with Vic!" Mike yelled from the kitchen.
"Of course I am, later tonight."
With that, Vic's head popped around the corner and he had a big
doofy grin on his face, just like the first night I met him.
I giggled and started towards the door.
"No kiss?" I heard Tony ask.
I turned around and stared at him, laughing before giving his cheek
a small peck. Then I left and started my walk home before Jaime
or anyone could say anything.
When I got back, I went up to my room,stripped out
of Vic's clothes and hopped in to a hot shower.
When I got out, I wrapped a towel around myself and walked in to my closet.
"What to wear, what to wear?" I said out loud.
Then I saw it.
My door bell rang about 45 minutes after I was ready.
Perfect timing, I thought to myself.
I answered the door holding the clothes I borrowed to see a grinning Vic.
Atleast he was grinning until he saw what I was wearing.
"Holy crap, you look amazing," he managed to say.
I laughed and closed the door.
"Heres's your clothes by the way, thanks again." I said as he took them.
We walked to his car and once we got in he started driving.
"Where are we going?"
"You'll see," was the only hint he gave me.
About ten minutes later we arrived at our destination.
It was a little restaurant that was hidden a few towns over.
My eyes lit up when I realized this is the place Mitch and I
have always wanted to try.
"Er, is this okay with you?" Vic asked suddenly nervous.
I nodded and grabbed him in a quick hug before he led the way inside.
------Time skip------
"Oh. My. Gosh." I squeeled as our dessert came to the table.
Vic laughed and handed me a spoon.
We quickly devoured the brownie sundae and payed shortly after.
"That was so much fun!" I said as we headed back to the car.
Vic smiled and said, "I'm glad you had a good time."
Instead of taking me home, we went back to Vic's again.
The guys were still there.
"Do they ever leave?" I whispered.
He laughed and shook his head.
When I walked in, Tony's eyes nearly exploded out of his head.
"That's no way to look at a lady!" Jaime scorned.
Tony quickly looked away and then Mike looked at me.
"You look hot," he told me. "Okay, I'm off to bed he said as he
made his way up the stairs.
I blushed and looked to see Vic's expression.
It was unreadable so I led him over to the couch and
Jaime plopped down next to us and put Coraline on.
Somewhere in the middle I dozed off.

Hi everyone! I'm having a really fun time writing this story
I hope you guys are having just a fun a time reading it!
Let me know what you guys think
And I was having a bit of writer's block, so sorry
if this chapter isn't as good. 

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your askin me to tell the truth.
well how about you tell me what truth is..

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If Lindsey Lohan made it through her cracked out, bleached blonde, jailbird phase, you can make it through today.


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Super White Girl Problems #1109
When you can text
faster than you can type.



when life hands you lemons...
youu should have made more lemonade[:
This quote does not exist.
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