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You say you love the rain, but yet you use an Umbrella
You say you love the sun, yet you use Sun galsses
So when you say I love you, I don't know if you mean it.

Things that will bug me forever;
those thoughts that are always on my mind,
he won't even think twice about.

30 Day Self-harm challenge

1. How long have you been self harming? Discuss why you started.
2. What part of your body is most affected by it? 

3. What is your motivation to recover? 

4. Do you consider yourself “addicted”? why or why not? 

5. What part of self harm do you dislike the most? 

6. What about it do you enjoy?

7. list 10 activities that help you calm down.

8. What the most supportive thing anyone has said to you about self harm?
9. Have you ever taken pictures of your wounds? Discuss.

10. How do you feel about your scars?

11. Strangest place (school, park, etc) you’ve ever injured yourself?

12. Where do you keep your ‘tools’? (Your room, in a box, disposed of them?)

13. What is the biggest realization about self harm you’ve had?

14. Is there anyone you consider to be an inspiration in your recovery?
15. Do you visit any websites about self harm? If so, what are they?

16. What advice would you give to someone about self harm?

17. Do you know anyone else who injures themselves? 

18. Write a letter to the future (recovered) you.

19. List 3 reasons that recovery is worth it.

20. What is the most vivid memory you have of self harm.

21. Have you tried to stop in the past? What are you doing differently this time?
22. Where do you feel the most calm?
23. What is your favorite inspirational quote?

24. What are some of your main triggers? Why? 

25. Do you know any statistics about self harm?

26. What is something that makes you the most happy?

27. Discuss any and all progress you have made.

28. What short-term goals do you have?

29. Do you follow any self-harm blogs?

30. Post your favorite picture of yourself and write a positive message to look back on.

25.) i am aware that it is an addiction and releases endorphines in your brain, but the only statistic i know, is that 1 in 3 teens in the UK selfharm (as of 2008)
JUST because I said I liked you,
Does NOT mean
I'm ready to handle the feelings that come with it.
Second chances, they dont even

Dear God,

 Can you please give us 2pac back and we

will give you Justin Bieber


Person who can't take Justin Bieber or his

songs anymore

I always turn to the sports page first. The sports page records people's accomplishments; the front page nothing but man's failures.
FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: 30 pencils, 64 crayons, 20 pens, 12 rulers, 10 notebooks..

MIDDLE OF MARCH: 1 pencil you found on the ground
We're not sarcastic- We're hilarious
       We're not annoying- We're just cooler than you
  We're not mean- We just don't like you
And we're not obsessed- We're just best friends 
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