Quotes added on Monday, August 20 2012

Confidence is beauty
No matter your

No matter your

Be confident in who you
are and you'll be

I wear pants all school year and shorts all summer... tomarrow is picture day and forms and fees day...to wear or not to wear short shorts..is the question. (Which are the only kind i have)

Facetiming late at night :)

People break up all the time, Mainly because of the wrong reasons;
They let the smallest of things tear them apart.
Plot Twist: Adele gets dumped, and doesnt write a song about it.
You told me think about it,
Well I did! 
Now I don't wanna feel a thing anymore.
I'm tired of begging for the things that I want.
I'm over sleeping like a dog on the floor.
Happy birthday Demi Lovato! Twenty years old and already accomplished so much. We love you Demi!
Also, this is the one year anniversary of me being on witty!(: Idk I find that kinda cool too!

Plot Twist: Niall hates food


It's a brand new day , yesterday's left behind . 
forgot everything . New memories are to come . 

Oh you're dating my ex?
Cool, well i'm eating a sandwhich;
want them leftovers too?
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