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August 23 2012
today is the day that I first took pills as a get away and cut... why do I feel so good about it..?
i can't set my hopes too high, because:
every hello
ends with a goodbye.



We are never ever ever getting back together


If you really  think about it,
your quote is a top quote.
maybe on page 2O... but it's
still a top quote.
When that one person is on you mind all day and night

the only reason I keep 

obsessivly talking abut this

summer is beacuse I'm so

scared to forget one second

of it


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Imagine for JenHeartsYuu:

Part 2

Louis pulls away. "Woah, that was...amazing!" he tells you, blushing. You blush as well. "I, uhh...I'm sorry. I honestly don't know why I did that...I mean I know why I did it....But, maybe you...uhh.." you begin, rambling on. Louis stops you with another kiss, this one shorter than before. "It's okay, love. Better than okay, actually." he says. "Do you think we could do this again sometime? Not the kissing, the hanging out? Although I wouldn't mind more of the kissing." Lou asks with a wink. "I'd love to." you reply.
~Five years later~
"Jennnnnaaaa!!!" you hear your husband scream. "Coming Louis!" you scream back. Today is your anniversary, you've been together five years. Louis just makes you so happy. You didn't hesitate at all when he proposed. How could you say no? You remember him dropping on one knee, in front of all the boys, and asking for your hand. You immediately screamed 'Yes' and began your life with Lou by your side. You wouldn't have it any other way. You wouldn't change a thing. Now, five years later, you still get chills when he says your name. You walk into the room and see Lou sitting there, waiting for you. He pulls out a little box, your present. "Oh, one second." you say, sprinting upstairs and fetching the gift you got him. He gives you your gift and you open it, finding the most gorgeous necklace ever. You feel a bit foolish about giving him the present you got him, after recieving yours. You hand him a rather large box and he opens it quickly. His eyes light up as soon as he sees it. He takes the gift in his hand. "Kevin? Baby, you got me THE Kevin? As in the one we had when we met?" Lou questions. "Yupp. Do you like it?" you ask. "Jenna I love it. I love you, but I can't accept it. I mean, I let you have it when you agreed to date me. I can't take it back." he says. "But I want you to have it" you reply. You both begin bickering over who gets to keep Kevin. "Fine! I'll keep it." Lou says, "If you promise to love me, and let me love you, forever..." he finishes. "Easily. No question about it." you reply. He kisses you. "Forever and ever and ever..." he says against your lips.

~Author's Note~
Ok, The End! Hope you liked it! ^_^
*Sorry it took so long :)
   my mind is gone,
   im spinning round,
 && deep inside
my tears ill drown
Isn't it past ypur bedtime?!
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