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how do i undo wittyprofiles
&& i always get along better with guys.
So, some of you might have saw my quote about my bestfriend starting too do drugs and drinking and what not, and I took your advice, well I had no answer and I decide not too leave a voice mail.. Two days later she got into a car crash and was air lifted.. I blame myself for her being in that car because if I told her mom and just left a voice mail, she wouldn't have been in that car. Im still prating for you <3

Happy Birthday
Liam James Payne!


                                               I'm so stupid!

Why I do try? Why am I not good enough? Why can't I let this one go? Why do I cry? What's wrong with me? I NEED to let HIM GO!

If Karma is a biitch
Make sure that biitch is beautiful.


Person: Prove Atheism.
Me: Prove Christianity.
Person: I can't. But Jesus is in my heart and I have faith.
Me: Well..... seems legit. 
I hate when I'm having a conversation with a friend about the next dance, and some chick decides she's all in this conversation and is talking about how her boyfriend is amazing and is taking her. I'm just staring at her like Did I ask you?

    i'm a ghost keeping out of sight.         


If I had a world of my own.
Everything would be nonsense.
Nothing would be what it is.
Cause everything would be what it isn't ♥
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