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Plot twist: I love everyone


You somehow managed to get even more attractive since the last time I saw you. Well played. 

And I have the worst nightmares...
I used to live the typical happy life until my uncle went missing... I had to look in ponds, rivers, ditches, etc and I stopped and left it to the police because I couldn't even imagine finding him that way. I'm in no way trying to gain sympathy, I just hurt inside.. terribly.

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Sometimes things dogetbetter

so just wait to find out.

communticating with your best friend while there across the room using facial expressions
I forgot my homework the first day, I won't say but I know why. I barely eat and hadn't that day. I'm tired all the time, I'm weak I can barely stand sometimes, I get dizzy with any sudden moves or standing up, I was trying to hide this all. And to top it off my memory is getting worse, but I guess it's the price I pay.
Sometimes I wish I was one of those pretty girls with fast metabolisms who wakes up looking great and never has to worry about their weight.
One of those girls who's good at everything they do and does well in school.
One of those girls who all the boys like and all the girls want to be like, who no one ever thinks is weird.
But I'm not. And I've accepted that. You should too, because I'm not changing. 


once smitten
and twice shyed
i keep my distance
but you still catch
my eye

Last night was his funeral
The last night I'd ever see that young face again.
The last night I'd actually be able to look at the face that held so many smiles.
Talk to him and not a picture.

It was so hard not to cry but I finally gave up and let the tears come.
I know you would want us all to be happy that you're in a better place.
You wouldn't want us crying.
I know you'd make everyone in this small town laugh and smile again
but you can't.
I'm sitting here with tears staining my cheeks
Wishing I could of said goodbye.
Even though I had never met your mother before last night,
I gave her a hug for you<3

Rest In Paridise Danyel
We all miss you
April 2, 1997 - August 25,2012



You know what?I instantly smile when I see a text from you,I don't even care what's in it.It's just amazing to know I crossed your mind for a second.

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