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My names Jacob, I'm new to witty.. Anyone wanna help me??(: <3
so if bra's are over the shoulder boulder holders
that makes guy's under wear the under the butt nut hut :)
Liam turned 19 and moved in with his girlfriend Danilelle.

Harry and Niall wanted to change their hair.

Louis doesnt wear his signiture stripes that much now.

Zayn might get another tattoo.

One Direction...

is growing up too fast :'(

I followed myHeart and fell in love.
(( But you broke my heart ))

   » THE WAY ♥ My heart shattered. »

But too (( prideful )) to show my weaknesses.

nmf / my quote

when your teacher draws or writes something sexual and doesn't realize it, and gets angry at the class for laughing
You honestly wonder why my sister stays out as much as she can?
Why my brother stayed at college to work all summer?
Why my other brother has such a bad temper?
Ohh just ask my parents because then you would see how clueless they are.
They don't see that THEY are the problem.
Give me a break let me make my own pattern
All that it takes is some time but
I'm shattered...

Question #3:

are you a spender or a saver? -Leeuum

I hate to say it..but im defenetly a spender.Hahaha, ill like go walk the mall, and ill see something cute, and ill run in and buy it..hahahaha no matter how hard i try to save, it never works out!! :)

When someone makes you feel more special than your 
does </3
you think im smiling cause im happy!?

no, little do you know that this face is my
" i wana push you down a cliff, kick you in the nuts, punch you in the face,... hug you, kiss you, cry on your shoulder, face"

i hate you, and yet im never gonna get over you, and i cant keep track of how i feel.
so i just smile cause then you wont ask me whats wrong, cause if i frown you wouldnt let it be.

and id just break down and loss it.
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