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sometimes you just need someone to scream your secrets to. you need someone who you dont really know. because thats the only people you can trust.. strangers. i could use one now.
You know the party was a
success when the cops get called

Test Yourself : Are you a Neanderthal?

1. Do your eyebrows meet in the middle? +5

2. Can you lock your knees in an upright position? -5

3. Got a chin? If the answer is no, +3

4. How about a forehead? If not, +3

5. Is it easy for you to balance a book on your head? +5

6. Do you ever open beer bottles with your teeth? +10

7. Are you frequently more comfortable squatting on your heels than sitting in a chair?

8. Is your head attached vertically to your neck? If not, +1
for every five degrees of slope.

9. Less than five feet tall? +1 for every inch under.

10. If your lower arm is shorter than your upper arm,+1 for every inch of difference.

11. Ditto for your lower and upper legs.

12. Pigeon-toed? +5

13. Have you ever felt like bashing a postal clerk with a club? You're normal--no points.

14. Is the space between your big toe and your other toes big enough to hold an apple?

15. Do you regularly eat apples in this fashion? +15

16. Do people think you're wearing your hair in a bun when you're not? +10

17. Can you count your vertebrae while wearing two sweaters and an overcoat? +5

18. Is your nickname "Duke", "Butch", or "Animal"? +3



0-20 points: You are a virtually pure homosapien.
Feel free to build bridges, compose symphonies, and overrun the world.

20-40 points: A slight Neanderthal strain means that you will
occasionally have spells of primitive behavior,
crawling around on all fours and whooping wildly.
If you live in California, no one will notice.

40-60 points: You can still function quite well in the modern world,
but avoid eating in fancy restaurants lest your table manners give you away.

60-80 points: Your Pleistocene heritage is predominant.
You should consider a career in pro football.

80-100 points: Unfortunately, your genetic makeup is Grunt City;
there is no place for you in human society. A career in politics is recommended.

Friend: Heey wanna hang with me today?


Me: Sorry I can't... I'm at the mall with my new boyfriend(; <3 He's superr hott(: 


Friend: Really? That's just lovely. Now the truth..?


Me: I'm stalking the hot guy that works at the mall... He just called security...


Friend: Thats what I thought...




Live while we're young
a One Direction fanfic

March's P.O.V.

I'm at the concert with Erika, when Harry looks right at us, and
our gigantic signs. Mine says 'I LOVE THE FLIRT' whilist Erika's reads 'Niall, I fancy you.' He stares at us for a while, and when his solo comes, he missed the 'What makes' part of the main line. We were astonished....... Harry doing that? But whilist the crowd surrounding us booed, we cheereed. It sounded as though there was only three people cheering, the rest having a wee sulk. Who was the third person? She was sitting right across the asile so we went across and said 'Hi'. She replied: 'Hi, I'm Peyton. I'm a crazy stalker of the boys, but in particualr, LOUIS!!!!! WHOOPEEEEEE!'

She looked nuts, so we slowly walked out the stadium.

Harry's P.O.V.
I'm on stage preforming, when these beautiful eyes stare up at me. I'm wonderstruck, this girl, she's something. A special somthing. She appeared to be the happiest person in the stadium.  But she went out of the stadium. So, impulsively, i jump off the stage, and run up the steps after her. Of course, she's already left, and pertty much anyone else near the exit has too. I burst out the doors, and search through the crowd. I could not find her. Tired of stepping on toes, i give up, and resort to the tour bus. I step inside, sad, and a wee bit depressed. All of  sudden Zayn goes 'Harry, did you forget the words? You cant have forgotten the WORDS!!!'
I reply: 'I saw some beautiful eyes staring up at me. This girl was a picture of true beauty, and i was put in shock. I forgot because of that.' All of a sudden there was a knock on the door. Rachel, being closest, opened it. It was the code knock, like a password. By a strange chance, She was there.

Erika's P.O.V

All of a sudden, Harry runs to the door, scoops March up in his arms and she's like 'Wha?' but what she actually says is 'Um, i just wanted an autograph.' Harry, being the biggest flirt I've ever seen, goes 'Just an autograph? Please, you can have me.'  She's really freaked out by this time, and says 'You mean....' 'When i forgot the words. I was looking into your eyes, the eyes of perfection. ' Now you can see the look of horror on her face.  Louis, being a bit of a cheek, said:
'This is what he means. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but i think i love you, so kiss me maybe?'
He laughed, but Harry gave him a cold, hard stare.
'Sorry.' he said. Now Harry got down on his knees and begged March to come on your with them, all while I was still outside in the cold.

'If Erika can come too.' 
September 5th;
Put a big W on your hand to see who else is a Wittian
* Pass it on *
Today in class;

Me: So did you see me quote of witty yesterday about us?
My Friend: Hmm? *with a what? look*
Me: It was on my main account...
My friend: OHHH, I don't go on witty...
Me: WHY?
My friend: Cause witty is boring.
Me: -SPEECHLESS- *mouthhanging wide open in aw...*
Me Friend: What?
Me: Don't talk to me ever again. *picks up books and moves to a different desk.*
Like one direction:
stay beautiful because you've got that

One Thing!
First quote from my phone :)
Look. I'm bout to kill myself. please text me?? 810.620.7202
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