Quotes added on Monday, September 3 2012

I want to buy a book, a book that I’ve never heard of, never read. Look at the cover, read the back, flip through the pages. Bring it home. Grab a highlighter, and begin to read the book. Every time there is a sentence, a word, a phrase that I can relate to, I will highlight it. Then, once I am done the book, I will be able to flip through it and see exactly how I was feeling each day that I was reading. It would be like a diary, but written in someone else’s words


And the tears stream,

down my face


I stayed strong for almost seven weeks. And two days ago... I gave in again and haven't stopped
They say everything happens for a reason,
  but sometimes they happen
    because you're stupid & make bad decisions.


Me: I know he's not the cutest, I know he's not the brightest, & I know he's not the funniest, but as One Direction says, ''I don't, I don't, don't know what it is, but he's got that one thing."
Friend: ...... Did you really just find a way to incorporate One Direction into this? #MedalWorthy

In highschool everything changes, especially the people you thought were your friends.
Don't be grossed out but I just threw up, and watching MCR being cute makes me feel way better <3

that's me:
the girl who lives to make people feel better & at the same time, bring herself down

NMF: jimmy365 no hard feelings o_0

has gone &  passed.
The innocent can never last.
Wake  me  up, 

when September ends.


I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest

tried to be everything that you ever wanted

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