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The moment when you love something..so innocent...so new to the world..so perfect...and then she becomes very very sick..u want to just rip your heart out and give it to her so she can live healthy happy and long..u wish u can do that but u cant...u wanna help her so bad but u dont know what u can do...u feel shes slipping out of your reach...u get nervous whenever u hear your phone ring thinking its gonna be bad news...comment any advice please im a nervous reck favorite if u know or understand how im feeling.....

oh, you wanna argue?
bring it on! I GOT MY CAPS LOCK ON, B/TCH.

your on my mind, your in my dreams, i miss you, i hope you feel the same.
we met on a cruise, you made me feel speacil, your the perfect guy.
but when i was going to give you my number, my aunt grounded me and i couldnt say goodbye.
i heard you were looking for me the lst day, look everywhere trying to find me.
i miss you it hurts. i just want to find you. see your perfect smile, those amazing eyes.
thats luagh that made me smile, just being with you. i need to find you.
I miss you Dakota.


Before I die #12

I want to have my writing published.


I went into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

My brother came in there and cornered me in the counter.

I tried to kick him in the nuts, but he caught my leg and held it in the air.

I held my hands on the counter and used my other leg to kick him.

I'm a freakin' ninja.

We are |never\ getting back together!!!

Even tho we never dated...
Oh Sh•t I Love You Again.

Q: Who are your favorite wittians?

A: lizzie_143(something like that. I'm addicted to her stories), BravoSierra, jimmy365, ELWriters, MarcuzIsSexy, and more. I hope I'm someone's favorite...

Comment or post on my wall a question and I'll answer it! 
P.S. why do you children fav and not say a question?!

Microsoft bought Skype for 8.5 billion dollars.
I guess they didn't realize that they could download it for free.

theres this guy that i really love but i dont no if he loves me back. how do u no if he feels the same way about me pleassssse help.
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