Quotes added on Thursday, September 6 2012

Pretty girl in my school: Being pretty is hard

 Chocolate is cheaper than  

    therapy and you don't need to make an appointment .     


In 8th Grade I Cried My Self To Sleep EVERY Night
I Think Its Happening Again/:
First Day Of School: Omgee this year is going to be exciting senior year I'm going to study hard and have a good social life

Second day of school: LOL just kidding summer baby come back to me!
Every night you cry yourself to sleep
why does this happen to me?

Just A Vent

Last year I met this boy....
He was so nice and funny
He was also my brother's bestfriend and he lived right down the road so he was always at my house.
So when my brother would spend the night somewhere and the boy came over we would hang out, joke around, and be stupid.
We had so many inside jokes and he would say cute things and he would flirt with me.
My friends said we would make the cutest couple.
On Christmas Eve he told me he was moving and I haven't seen or talk to him since </3



One Direction Update
9/6/12 12:05 AM EDT
Hey guys! Lot's to say today! VMAs are tomorrow and just want to say keep voting today!

So last night Harry and Louis went surfing. Liam hung out with Danielle and Zayn and Niall hung out with Justin Bieber.

As for today Harry got two tattoos, a shamrock and Gemma's name in Hebrew on his left arm. Niall was shopping and met fans this morning. Then they had VMA rehersals later on. They met Green Day. For the VMA performance, they will be singing WMYB and 150 lucky fans will be dancing on stage with them!

Two things are confirmed. They will now have an additional show in LA next summer plus shows in Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland! And they will NOT be on Alan Carr's Chatty Man on the 14th. They will be on just not that date.

And if you missed it, the boys did a twitcam! So if you want the Youtube link to it ask me and I'll give it to you.

Rumors: Preston is leaving the boys to work with another band. Status: FALSE He's not with them now but will be back when they go on tour.

When you like your crush so much that it just hurts when they're around...&& you find yourself glancing over in the direction every few seconds...knowing that they will never be yours. And when they talk to you, it gives you butterflies everytime you remind yourself of that beautiful moment./:
The people who know who my crush is are constantly asking why I like him. He's not "hot".
You don't like someone just because they are cute! You like someone because of their personality. He can make me laugh when I'm upset, he's smart, funny, kind, and caring. He has no temper what so ever. My brother was being mean to him and he spoke in a calm voice, never once got angry or rose his voice. I have NEVER seen him get angry with someone. We like some of the same bands and he may not be the cutest person ever but he's better than any other boy I have found.♥

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