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You: hi!

Stranger: hey!

You: are you 22???

You: have a job you hate

You: and your boss hates you

You: and your best friend is mentally retarded

You: and your neighbor thinks your annoying

You: because if you are, then we have alot in common

Stranger: sadly no, i am a nun and i have none of those things

Today, I made posters. They said things like "You're beautiful" I hung them up around my school. I made one that said "Wow! You sure do look gorgeous!" And put it on the bathroom mirror. 
Later, my friend came up to me and hugged me tightly. She said she was feeling really gross and ugly and looked in the mirror and saw the poster. It made her feel better, she knew it was me who hung it up and said she loved me for being so kind. 

I love making others feel beautiful. Why cant I do this for myself?
If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.

The nightmares no longer wait for the night time

One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Twenty-Two; Part One*
Amber's POV:

    Niall left my flat early that morning after waking up next to me. He left a sweet, tender kiss on my lips. They barely grazed, but drove me wild. The rest of the morning, I wandered around in my pajamas trying to understand what just happened. At around noon I decided to text Isabella to see how Lilli was doing.
   'Hey! She's good. The girls are having fun. Pick her up around 3? -Isabella xx' I told her that sounded fine, and decided to get ready. Since I was bored, I decided to rod my hair lightly, letting my short curls lay nicely against my back. I threw on some yoga capri pants and a grey tee shirt that hugged my baby bump appropriatley.
   The guys left their stuff here all the time and I wore them all the time. I picked up on of Harry's black beanies and threw it on my head. A pair of heart shaped earrings sat in a dish on my vanitey and I stuck them on. I stared down at my wedding ring sitting in that same dish and hated myself. I wasn't fit to wear that ring anymore. I didn't deserve it. I picked it up and slid it on my finger anyway.
   By the time I was done it was one thirty. With an hour and a half to spare, I popped The Lucky One into my DVD player and cuddled up in my warm sheets where Niall had slept last night; they still smelled like him. Once the movie was over, I took it out and grabbed my fringe purse from my kitchen counter. I pondered on what shoes to wear, and decided on my grey TOMS. I grabbed my car keys and was off to Isabella's.
   The ride felt longer now that I was alone, but at the same time, it flew by. I came to the door and brought myself to knock, shame hanging heavy on my face. Isabella answered in seconds and let me inside. She was such a beautiful friend of mine; inside and out.
   "You have some things to explain to me, Deary." She said as she pulled me to the kitchen table; a black kettle sat ontop of the stove and I assumed she was making us some tea. I rested my face in the palms of my hands and watched her scurry about the kitchen. I heard Lilli and Mickey playing with Barbies in the next room over; oh, how I wish my life was that simple again.

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Hey so today's suicide prevention day or something like that, well I cut like 5 minutes ago, so yeah. Let the hate roll in!
You never Said good-bye.
This guy hugged me and tried holding my hand today.

I calmly moved my hand, smiled and said 'It's reserved for my boyfriend'.


One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Twenty-Two; Part Two*
Amber's POV:

     Isabella had on a pair of light washed, lose jeans that ended right above her ankle. A pink sweater with the word 'LOVE' printed across the chest hung on her like a bag, but she made comfortable look good. A pair of cream colored Vans were laced on her feet and a fedora rested on top of her natural hair that was the same color of the shoes.
   I told her about last night; everything from the birthday talk to the kiss in the bathroom. I knew she was highly disappointed in me, but I admired her for listening so patiently. "Well, at least you didn't sleep with him." She chuckled out before taking a gulp of her tea. I just smiled at her and let my eyes grow wide with guilt; she choked on her tea. "Amber, you did not! You can't! Can you?"
   "He just fell asleep next to me, that's all." We sipped on our tea for another half hour before I knew I had overstay my welcome in her home. "What do I do now, Isabella?" I crossed my arms across my chest and stared at the tiles on the floor, taking in the rosey tint to them that I never noticed before.
   "I think," She leaned in closer to me and started to whisper. The girls came out of the back room and Lilli laced her shoes on. "You should wait to do anything. Wait until after Miracle is born, that way you know for sure what you want, okay?" She gave my hand a quick squeeze before I got up to embrace her in a hug.
   "What would I do without you?" Her hair tickled my face as I burried myself deep in her shoulder.
   "You'd probably be dead." I laughed and thanked her one last time for everything. "No problem. What are best friends for?" I gathered up Lilli's things and we headed out the door. The rain had finally stopped and the muggy air was starting to settle, making each step you took feel like a marathon. I buckled Lilli into her car seat and hopped into the driver's seat. With a wave goodbye, we were on our way home.

Thanks for reading, Loves! Any ideas? Predictions? Tell me! I came up with the perfect ending for this story! But don't, worry! It won't be ending anytime soon! Thanks for all of your support though, my Lovlies :)xx

Amber's Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/one_in_million_chapter_hundred/set?id=58531150
Isabella's Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/one_in_million_chapter_hundred/set?id=58531727#stream_box

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Boy:Maybe We should Take a break.
Girl: we are not even exercising..
But she did really knew what he ment.

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